Knott’s Berry Farm Update – August 2nd 2015

20150802_140525 (Large)We were very excited to be returning to Knott’s Berry Farm for another update and we are glad we did. The following update includes some Xcelerator maintenance, Scary Farm preparation, a brand new store, some great Boomerang news, and more!

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It was beautiful day at the Boardwalk and at the park overall. Despite it being a Sunday in mid-summer, crowds were pretty minimal during our visit.20150802_140337 (Large)We took a ride on GhostRider during the pass holder ERT from 9:30 am to 10:00 am and we actually had a very smooth and enjoyable ride on it. It was probably one of the smoothest rides we have had in its recent years.20150802_150738 (Large)A brand new candy store has opened in the Boardwalk’s Charles Schulz Circle. It’s located in between the Gourmet Coffee Hut and Screamin’ Swings.20150802_125422 (Large)Here’s a good look at the interior of the store. It has a pretty extensive collection of candies and sweets and has a clean and classic feel to it, very appropriate considering its surrounding area.20150802_125433 (Large) It connects directly to the gift store under the theater allowing for guests to browse multiple stores before exiting the building.20150802_125447 (Large) The park had very solid operations during the day, including the use of all three towers on Supreme Scream. Keeping the wait below 10 minutes at all times. 20150802_143131 (Large) Riptide 720 days of no operations may no longer be a fitting nickname, as it feels much longer than that.20150802_140400 (Large) The entire ride vehicle has been detached from the attraction’s arms and removed. We’re currently unsure if it will return anytime soon or if it this means the end for the ride that has cost the park quite some money recently.20150802_140421 (Large) The pool is drained, but the loading platform and arms remain. 20150802_140425 (Large) The purple train is still being reassembled. The seats are organized and stored, and the chassis is adjacent to the line looking ready to go. The outside covers of the train are currently leaning against the fence near the queue.20150802_140955 (Large) 20150802_143137 (Large) Boomerang’s train has undergone a major refurbishment. The train has a new chassis, which has been newly manufactured. The fiberglass shells of the train have also been replaced, the shade of blue is much darker and shinier. The ride experience, despite these changes, is still about the same.20150802_140525 (Large) SCARY FARM!!20150802_140903 (Large) The Black Magic Maze next to Xcelerator is already under some serious construction as are several other mazes.20150802_140913 (Large) There are some massive piles of wood back there as well for the construction of other mazes.20150802_140820 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this quick Knott’s Berry Farm update! When was your last decent ride on GhostRider? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. I was really hoping they were going to change the restraints on Boomerang. A couple years ago, my friend and I rode it by ourselves, (It was an empty day at the park), and as usual, the ride wasn’t very enjoyable. Everything was going fine, but right as we exited the cobra roll going backwards, my friend’s harness restraint popped up. (Not a joke.) Be pulled it down immediately, but it didn’t lock. Luckily it was the end of the ride so nothing serious happened. Right after we got off, we told the operator but they kinda brushed it off like nothing. Ever since that, I’ve never wanted to ride Knott’s Boomerang again.

    It’s weird because I’ve been on tons of coasters in my life and nothing has ever happened like that until that day. I mean, could you imagine what would’ve happened if his restraint popped up during the backwards ascension on the first lifthill?

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