Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – August 1st 2015

20150801_200843 (Large)Normally we do not visit Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday in the summer, but… why not? There was enough to report on, so we decided to throw an update at you. In this update we’ll be taking a look at some of the park’s operations, what’s up with Lex Luthor, and some Fright Fest prep! 

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We arrived around noon, and of course parked in the overflow lot. You know operations may be slow when not a single train comes by on these three coasters. 😛

20150801_130920 (Large) Scream!’s entire fencing has received new screens on the parking lot side. 20150801_130410 (Large) And a little disappointment before even getting to the park’s entrance, the trashcans on the parking lot were overflowing, likely not emptied for more than a day… The least the park can do is make sure these are emptied before the parking lot opens each operating day. People pay $20 to park… 20150801_130916 (Large)

The Whistlestop Train has reopened this week, after it stood derailed for a few weeks. 20150801_132236 (Large) Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom remains closed. The catchcar’s hook is missing, we hope it returns or gets replaced soon. UPDATE: Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom has reopened. 20150801_135930 (Large)

The park’s back at promoting some new TV shows coming up, Carbonaro Effect airs Wednesdays on True TV 😉 20150801_163744 (Large)

It’s a hot summer Saturday, and Jet Stream wasn’t operating for quite a bit, so the lines for Tidal Wave were rather long. 20150801_160449 (Large)

The Epic Rides gift shop over at Apocalypse remains closed, I’m still unsure what’s going on, after all the Sling Shot changes in the area, I doubt it’ll reopen anytime soon. 20150801_164338 (Large)

Let’s talk FRIGHT FEST! DC Universe is being turned into Sinister Circuit this Fright Fest season, and preparations for the new Scare Zone have already started. Some lights are being installed on top of the area’s gift store.  20150801_155907 (Large) The new scare zone will feature the synchronized light package that were used in Holiday in the Park, the re-installment of which has already started. 20150801_155853 (Large) 20150801_160236 (Large) The black support structures around the area will soon hold hundreds of thousands of synchronized lights. 20150801_160258 (Large)

The third Tatsu train seemed ready to go, but was not being used. Nothing to complain about though, the park was running both stations with two trains, making a normally 2-hour line become a 75-90 minute one! 20150801_180739 (Large) Look at that beasty-track in the sky. 🙂20150801_180727 (Large)

Goliath hosted the longest lines all day, now it’s back up and running it sure is very popular again. Despite all the hate it may get from enthusiasts, the General Public and ourselves as well, really enjoy the ride. 20150801_191514 (Large)

As where almost all rides were operating two trains or more, Superman: Escape From Krypton is back to one train operations, as its fellow Samurai Summit attraction Ninja. Samurai Summit is NOT the place to be on busy summer days. 20150801_191509 (Large)

Damn we really like this picture we took of Scream! on the way back to the car, we’d like to give the Scream! crew a little recognition for their amazing dispatching work, one of the trains would be near the top of the lift while the other one was still on the brake runs. Kudos. 20150801_200843 (Large)That’s about it for this update, remember no selfie sticks at any of the Six Flags parks! Now… if you have yet to ride the masterpiece named Twisted Colossus, you better get out to the park soon! 😀20150801_200302 (Large)

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11 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – August 1st 2015”

  1. I went on Wednesday this past week and it was busier than I expected for a weekday, and a lot seemed to be broken. Goliath surprisingly had no line at all about an hour after the park opened (though the signs said 2 hours, which is probably what spooked people away). Twisted Colossus was down when we first got to it (one car stuck on the green lift hill), but was open again about 45 minutes later. Full Throttle was down when we got to it. Took the funicular up to Samurai Summit (the name escapes me for some reason. Orient Express?) and it broke at the top of the hill and we were stuck inside for about 20 minutes. It was about 100 degrees outside, and probably 110 or more in the car and the fan inside did nothing. The staff (why were 6 people assigned to that anyway?) were nice and brought us cups of water as fast as they could, but it was still awful. How that thing doesn’t have an emergency door open button the regular staff can access is beyond me. If something in the car caught fire it’d be a death trap.

    Tatsu was only running one station. And then Viper was broken as well, with the car stuck halfway up the lift. All the broken rides coupled with the crazy heat made for for a pretty crummy day.

    And can we talk about why their food service is so atrocious? We try to avoid eating there at all costs but it was ridiculous. Went to Food Etc as its indoors and it took 38 minutes from the time the order was placed until the fish & chips arrived at the table. 38 minutes!!! A previous trip it took 30+ minutes just to order, and there were only 5 or so people in line in front of us. And the soda machine at the Twisted Colossus station charged my friend’s card twice. Yay.

  2. Been considering a trip to Magic Mountain after years of avoiding it, and this update doesn’t make me real excited about it. Between the slow operations, closed rides, and the overflowing trash can, this solidifies my years long perception on MM. I will likely still visit since I want to experience TC. Hopefully they prove me wrong when I go.

  3. shocking…. horrible operations at SFMM, at this point it’s just a joke, and it remains what it is.

    With that said, hopefully I get to witness 3-train operations on Tatsu in my lifetime 🙂

  4. Trash cans are always blown up. They need a dedicated person to empty these as if this is my first impression of the park it just might make me turn around for parking refund.

  5. i was there yesterday and the day before. I got to ride lex!!! the 2nd was the SLOWEST DAY EVER!!! all the rides except full throttle, superman, tatsu, viper, and X2 were closed until 1:00, and twisted colossus was running only two trains the entire day, jet stream was closed, apocalypse never opened, and twisted colossus and full throttle kept having 10-minute break downs every hour.

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