Circus Circus Las Vegas – Adventuredome and Splash Zone

Sean: Occasionally  California Coaster Kings hops over the Nevada border for some coasters, including our usual rides on Desperado at Buffalo Bills, as well as Circus Circus’ Adventuredome. This time we’re taking a look at the brand new Splash Zone at Circus Circus as well as the changes made at Adventuredome, preparing for the new 2018 coaster!

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Splash Zone!

This year, Circus Circus Las Vegas opened a new slide complex and splash pad to compliment their existing pools. The resort has relaunched their pool area as Splash Zone, which makes it the only water-park like attraction on the Las Vegas strip. The pool you see below is one of the two recreational pools, open from 10 AM to 8 PM daily, there are also two whirlpools.

The new Splash Zone is included with the resort fee and room rate, and allows up to four wristbands per room per day. Meaning the attraction got incredibly popular, and lines were almost out the door. 

The new slide structure features 3 types of slides: a four-lane mat racing slide, an open air speed slide with several small drops and an enclosed speed slide with a helix in the middle. Off to the right, notice the newly planted palm trees along with the splash pad. Which is appropriately colored pink. In addition there is a Circus Circus food truck that is part of the Splash Zone offerings. 

It’s great to see how popular the racing slides were! The slide structure may be small, but it really is a wonderful addition to the resorts rather underwhelming pool complex. 

For an additional fee, guests can acquire more wristbands for friends, or rent cabanas. The splash pad and slides close an hour prior to the rest of the pools, at 6 PM.

Since room rates are so affordable at Circus Circus, and Adventuredome is in the same complex, this seems like a wonderful vacation option for families in Vegas with a budget! 


Time to look at Adventuredome! You may have heard the rumors of a new coaster utilizing space where Rim Runner once stood. It looks like the indoor canyon lift hill structure may be re-purposed for the new ride. In addition, the Animal Rides of America attraction is a third party temporary space filler, which is not included with admission, and Adventuredome all-day wristbands get guests only a $1 discount. 

The old Rim Runner flume leading to the lift hill has been converted into a walkway, which connects two future construction areas. The arcade you see below the Canyon Blaster track is new (old games) and the area was restricted before. Lots of new fencing is in place, and there is a good chance that’s where construction will take place soon, and the area is simply a temporary arcade, much as the animal rides seen above. 

The new coaster is supposedly going to be located in the huge open space seen below. The park has installed brand new fences that they could close at any time for construction. 

A few tables are all that is currently in the way of the project, and Adventuredome has cleared quite some space for the new attraction.

Thanks to that temporary arcade, we now had new angles to shoot Canyon Blaster from 😀

Since the only thing disconnecting the two fenced off temporary areas is this Chance Chaos, we really hope that this is not the last season we’ll see this rare flat ride, but that it will actually live on. Besides, it’s positioned beautifully in Canyon Blaster’s turnaround. 


Sadly Inverter was down during this visit to the Adventuredome, but maintenance was working on it with several engineers when we were there! 

Sorry people, El Loco is a great coaster, but we still prefer Canyon Blaster. 

<3 Wonderfully smooth and quick. Not to forget about this coaster’s awesome hand/head choppers! 

Blasting through the canyon, right about now: 

And that wraps up our quick Circus Circus report! 😀

Thank you for checking out this Circus Circus Report! Stay tuned for many exciting reports soon! Including SeaWorld San Diego, the San Diego County Fair, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and more!

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  1. Hey wow, Chaos is one of my favorite rides ever! They used to have it at an amusement park close to me (Indiana Beach) but they eventually got rid of it. I’m not sure why, I think because it breaks a lot or something. Anyways it’s good to see that it at least still exists somewhere!

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