Universal Studios Hollywood Update – April 19th 2015

20150419_101332 (Large)Since Springfield has ‘opened’ at Universal Studios Hollywood, and a lot of changes were made earlier this year in order to be ready for the crowds that start around April, there are only a few things to report on. This update will include some Krustyland/Springfield add-on, a couple of quick Studio Tour changes, a ‘new’ restaurant, Wizarding World of Harry Potter construction, and a few more things!

Let’s start with the Studio Tour, where the Who-Ville sets have been completely refurbished. The last month or two the sets were being refurbished, and are now looking significantly better than before! 20150419_100546 (Large)20150419_100543 (Large)At the exit of the Studio Tour, after guests exit through the newly placed turnstiles they will now be able to immediately purchase ‘Italian Ice’ for $4.99 (plus tax).  20150419_101213 (Large)

Over at the Universal Animal Actors show, several midway planters and trees are surrounded by construction walls. Or should I say… construction hedges.20150419_114037 (Large) Looks WAY better than any other kind of construction walls, in my opinion!20150419_114141 (Large) Talking about construction walls, the walls around the dirt-lot, that used to house the House of Horrors, is slowly changing. This side of the wall near the British themed section of the Upper Lot is outfitted to match the near-by theme. 20150419_114429 (Large)

Pink’s is gone. Sort of came as a surprise to me, since it was always busy here. 20150419_124940 (Large) It’s now named ‘Plaza Grill’, and actually still looks great. 20150419_114100 (Large) They added new Order and Pick Up signs to the building. 20150419_114117 (Large)

Over at Krustyland next to Springfield, guests will find a new kiosk like place where they sell t-shirts, cups, and other souvenirs related to the Simpsons, as well as water bottles. 20150419_113850 (Large)

Right next to/ behind Springfield we find ourselves the majestic new mega project… Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This building right here has been ‘finished’ for quite some time now. 20150419_101434 (Large) The wall next to Shrek 4D clearly divides Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the ride’s line. Which looks great!20150419_124930 (Large) Look beyond the entry to WWoHP, though my picture came out a little blurry. More buildings have been finished. It seems as if they’re making their way towards the castle in the back. 20150419_125000 (Large) Fantastic looking! Can hardly stand the current busy period crowds… Let’s see how insanely crowded Wizarding World is going to be!20150419_125009 (Large) Last, but most definitely not least, the castle! The rock-work is well underway, looking great! And notice below that, on the hill that borders the Studio Tour, the park planted a couple dozen trees. 😀 20150419_101332 (Large) 20150419_091245 (Large)I realize this update was rather short, for a better look into Springfield that just recently opened, please check out last week’s Universal Studios Hollywood Update here! 

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