Trip to Europa-Park in 2022

Where can you eat food from a large selection of European countries and cultures in one day? Where can you ride attractions themed to and landscaped to a bunch of different European nations? That’s right! It’s Europa-Park!

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Today we’ll be taking a grand tour around one of the World’s best rated theme parks. Given Europa-Park is so neatly laid out by themes and countries, we’ll simply hop from country to country and discuss some of the highlights of our visit. (If you’re wondering where England and Spain are in this article, we did not collect a whole lot on them, but they sure are lovely areas!). Let’s dive in!

Let’s start at the entrance of the park, which is one of the calmer areas at Europa-Park. The entrance area consists out of a main street with shops, dining, and a monorail station. (There are two types of monorail at the park, the larger one being EP Express, which stops at the entrance to the park). The other half of the area is a set of gardens with a major restaurant.

Germany is also home to the park’s relatively new flying theater attraction: Voletarium. Voletarium is similar to the Disney parks’ Soarin’ attractions but visits an a series of alternate destinations, of course. The theming in the queue is quite spectacular. You can find Voletarium just to the left as you enter Europa-Park.

Next up we’ve got Italy! Home to a variety of transportation rides and two of the park’s dark rides! We rode Geisterschloss, an omni-mover dark ride loosely inspired by rides such as Haunted Mansion. The execution of this ride is absolutely wild and definitely a trip to an older approach of dark rides. Our favorite dark ride in the area however is the underrated Piccolo Mondo, a very cute and detailed it’s a small world-esque dark ride! Definitely a can’t-miss if you have the time to get on!

France is also home to a familiar looking ride! This globe however is home to Euro Sat-Can Can Coaster, a family-friendly indoor coaster themed to Moulin Rouge. One thing we particularly liked about this coaster is the queue, station, and overall atmosphere of the ride. It’s a decent length, has decent pacing, and is overall a very fun coaster!

France is also home to an observation tower, from which the below pictures have been taken, named Euro-Tower. More notably for the coaster enthusiasts among us however, is Silver Star! This 73 meter tall B&M Hyper Coaster has a fabulous layout and is by far the biggest coaster to be found at the resort.

Switzerland is next and is also home to two notable coasters! The first being Matterhorn Blitz, a wild mouse coaster that’s heavily themed to a swiss chalet and castle featuring a vertical elevator lift! This is perhaps the best themed/landscaped traditional wild mouse coaster out there and is a ton of fun. The ride’s queue is filled with animatronics and the ride is a real pleasure.

The second coaster in Switzerland is the Schweizer Bobbahn, a bobsled coaster. This coaster may not be super long but is beautifully integrated with the rest of the area. The coaster delivers a solid bobsled experience, but don’t forget to check out all of the nooks to discover in the village below. This swiss village is also home to some awesome shopping and snack options. Raclette anyone?

Greece is…. you guessed it! Greece is also home to a power duo of roller coasters! The smaller of the two is the 2006 addition named Pegasus. This MACK Rides YoungStar coaster was designed to neatly fit underneath the massive superstructure for Poseidon (water coaster). Pegasus is a comfortable upscale family coaster with a nice, relatively forceful layout. Funny enough, this is not my first YoungStar coaster! I rode a near-clone at Guangzhou’s Chimelong Paradise in 2019!

While the area is also home to a mad house and a major restaurant, the other coaster of interest here is the water coaster: Poseidon. Poseidon‘s queue and station feature heavy theming and the ride itself quite nicely captures the overall Greek aesthetic the park was going for. Operations on this coaster are impressive as it can only dispatch two boats at a time. The layout itself has been cloned a few times (We also rode a mere clone at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom). There’s a good combination of coaster and flume on Poseidon. We really enjoyed our ride on it!

Ireland is the park’s newest area and is a highly detailed kids area with kiddie flume, coaster, outdoor tracked ride and massive playground! The picture below features the EP Express (larger monorail) moving past this area.

This article continues on the next page with areas such as Russia (Euro-Mir), the Netherlands (Piraten in Batavia), Scandinavia (Fjord Rafting), Austria (Alpenexpress), Portugal (Atlantica Super Splash), Iceland (Wodan and Blue Fire) and more!

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