What to Expect at Marvel Avenger Campus at Walt Disney Studios in Paris

There’s no better thing than a brand-new Disney park themed land opening up. This is particularly true for Disneyland Paris’ neighboring park Walt Disney Studios that has always struggled with a smaller-than-usual attraction lineup. As part of a large expansion to the theme park, Avenger Campus will be home to several rides, restaurants, shopping and entertainment attractions. Let’s take a look at all that Avenger Campus will have to offer!


When visiting Avenger Campus, guests will have plenty of opportunities to meet their favorite super heroes! You may just see members of the Avengers on top of buildings, or patrolling the streets with the Avengers Deployment Vehicle! The campus will also be home to the Hero Training Center where guests will meet Spider-Man, Captain America, and Black Widow!

Restaurants and Shopping

With a huge variety of good food at size-defying scales, power up with a buffet of unusually-sized mains and desserts – all prepared by a team of super-smart chefs using Ant-Man and The Wasp’s PYM Particle ‘shrinking and growing’ technology. PYM Kitchen is one of two spectacular new restaurants at Avengers Campus!

Stark Factory is the campus’ quick service restaurant serving pizza, pasta and salads. Guests won’t just want to check out the restaurant for their food options, however, as Stark Factory is where super heroes come to build and repair their gear. Stark Factory will be feast for the eyes with detailed scenery inside the restaurant.

Mission Equipment is a boutique-style shopping environment with Avenger Campus-specific merchandise! The resort describes the store as follows: “Get ready for your heroic missions and training sessions with the latest W.E.B. and Campus-created tech, uniforms and weapons. Pick up yours from Mission Equipment!”


Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure is the park’s newest dark ride! Using interactive technology, guests will ride alongside Spider-Man and sling webs at Spider-Bots to save Avenger Campus from the techno-havoc they’ve caused. Ride vehicles will seat 8 passengers (4 riders on each side of the vehicle). The ride duration (minus any pre-shows) is about 3 minutes long!

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force is the area’s triple inversion launched roller coaster. Fans of the resort will recall this previously having been the Rock ‘N Rollercoaster Avec Aerosmith attraction. The newly reimagined version of the thrilling coaster will have guests flying alongside Iron Man and Captain Marvel to save Earth from an intergalactic threat. The coaster is expected to be accompanied by a variety of high-quality special effects.

Marvel Avenger Campus opens July 20th at the Walt Disney Studios park. The area may be using a timed-entry virtual queue system due to the anticipated popularity of the land. Make sure to download the Disneyland Paris App on your smart phone and link your Disney account for the best experience!

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