Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 31, 2018

Alexander: It’s a busy weekend over at Six Flags Magic Mountain! Easter is upon us, and the Vernal Equinox isn’t far off. People are ready for warm weather and great coasters! As always, plenty of activity is taking place at Magic Mountain.

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All the overflow parking lots were full when I arrived at the park mid-day.

The nice thing about parking in the nosebleeds is all the photo ops on the way to the gate. Better take advantage of these before the solar panels show up!

Twisted Colossus was racing quite a bit!

Orange Lightning Falls is coming along nicely.

Finally! The Helpful Honda Express is helpful once again!

Once again guests can enjoy a leisurely ride up/down Magic Mountain. It may not look like much, but Express has a higher lifetime ridership than most of the coasters here!

Revolution appears to be staying “classic” for now as VR settles in over at Drop of Doom. I’m sure most enthusiasts are fine with this.

Ninja was fetching 1hr+ lines despite swift, 2-train operations. Having Helpful Honda Express back makes a big difference in Ninja’s accessibility.

Jet Stream also experienced a full queue, though it wasn’t terribly hot out.

Superman: Escape From Krypton seems to be operating normally again after some wet weather these past few weeks.

“Heart Attack Hill” remains one of my favorite areas of Magic Mountain. 

It may not have any rides, but even casual visitors seem to appreciate the setting. 

Goldrusher was *quite* busy.

A station FULL of people!

Tidal Wave got some lovin’ this week.

Fresh paint!

Riddler <3

The checker-flag trim on Sandblasters is a thing of the past!

The mostly-finished game pavilions of the Boardwalk look fabulous.

Vertical construction on CrayZanity should start any day now; most of the ride has arrived on-site and is staged in the overflow parking lot.

Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom has a new alternate marquee for DC Super Heroes VR.

Oft overlooked, Buccaneer and Swashbuckler are enjoying ample crowds on this busy day.

Time to call it a night!

Toodles, Magic Mountain! Will be back soon-ish!

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  1. Very honestly, I hope they Don’t try to cram in attractions on Heart Attack Hill. Since the demise of the Japanese Gardens, this is about the only area that doesn’t have any rides going over or around you.

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