HangTime Update – March 27, 2018

Sean: As we enjoyed the splendid food festival that is Knott’s Berry Farm’s Boysenberry Farm, we collected a lot of HangTime pictures to bring you the latest update of the new-for-2018 coaster! Let’s take a look…

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Let’s start with the gift shop which will be the ride’s exit. The gift shop just recently went vertical and lots of progress has already been made. The glass front of the store along with the rest of the exterior are currently being addressed.

The ride itself has undergone quite some testing now, but is far from opening, given that the station still requires quite a bit of work. 

The changes the park is making on this side of the boardwalk are shaping up to create a welcoming and refreshing look, particularly with the new gift shop and mural on the back side. 

If you look closely you’ll notice that the track now features quite a bit of LED lights that have been installed for the ride’s spectacular light package. Below that, the station work continues.

Notice that big Intamin launch coaster in the background? THAT’S XCELERATOR! More in a separate park update.

Though the mural already looked amazing, the park was busy painting during our trip to perfect the mural. I think this is turning out beautiful, and though the ride is crammed in a small space, will really make the Boardwalk feel grander. 

The signature new boardwalk lamp/banner posts are also being placed alongside the HangTime plot in the next few days. 

The park has done a wonderful job making the area look new and popping over the past few years, I imagine HangTime making the area finally feel complete. 

Though most of HangTime’s mechanical pieces are all in place an operating, it wasn’t ’til this update that we got the opportunity to take a detailed look at the magnetic brakes that slowly lower the train back down in case the lift stalls.

Next we’ll take a look at the station, which is not finished yet. The structure still looks quite bare, though the lights and air gates have been installed at this point.

The surfing theme brings along a wonderful color palate in the station, as shown off below. 

The ride’s horseshoe shows off the new lights installed within the track, note that these are quite bulky! 

The light package will create white ‘waves’ throughout the ride’s layout using white lights while no trains run over the track. When a train does run over the track the track will light up orange tracing the train. 

What we see here is the entrance to the new coaster, which will feature a Fast Lane entrance along with a regular queue. The entrance passes below the drop and the corkscrew, where a big set of switchbacks is located. 

After a few weeks of rain and gross weather, it was refreshing seeing the ride all nice agains the clear Californian skies.

Here’s another look at the ride’s fascinating support structure. #teamtinyconnectorsupport

With HangTime opening in the near future, and with Xcelerator having just reopened, the park’s boardwalk rides will finally all be operating. 

Here’s a few more pictures of the completed track, because we know you can not get enough of it. 

Below the ride the park is busy landscaping. They have already placed quite a bit of palm trees and greenery and are still adding more. There is also a good amount of rocks and pebbles to be found below the ride. I think the ride will look very atmospherically pleasing. 

The additional palm trees, rocks and vegetation to be installed below HangTime are located across the street where the track was previously stored.

Let’s take a look at the HangTime construction from the Sky Cabin. Note that the switchbacks have almost all been placed and that the awnings are going up. A majority of the HangTime plot houses the queue for the coaster.

Active testing is currently taking place, meaning that all three HangTime trains are to be found on the tracks, soon we’ll have these trains rolling through for some amazing photo opportunities. 

When comparing the size of the ride, it’s quite prominent in the area. We couldn’t be happier with the color choice and compact layout. A great fit for the area. 

Let’s finish this HangTime update with one last shot of the progress on the queue and the ride. We’re very excited for the launch of Knott’s Berry Farm’s newest thrill ride!

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