Electric Eel Construction Update at SeaWorld San Diego – February 2018

Sean: One of the less covered coaster additions in California is the brand new Electric Eel coming to SeaWorld San Diego! The park’s brand new Sky Rocket II model has finished its track, but is far from actually opening. Let’s take a look at the current construction, shall we?

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Let’s start with the finished track work right between Ocean Explorer and Journey to Atlantis. I think the position of Electric Eel is beautiful, it will really connect the rides on that side of the park all the way from Bay of Play to Journey to Atlantis!

One of the main points of attention is obviously the entrance plaza and queue right now. The entrance to the ride will be on the Ocean Explorer side of the attraction, a pretty clear station entrance can be spotted in the image below. 

Little is known about the queue of the ride, but the entry plaza concept called for a large entry plaza with on-ride photo point of sale, as well as plenty of landscaping and modern SeaWorld theming. 

This picture does a good job showing how well it will be integrated with the new-for-2017 attraction Ocean Explorer, just off to the right of the ride. 

The concept the park provided to media upon announcing the ride looks as follows, and it sure looks promising:

Let’s get down to the ground and look at the progress from below!

Currently the exit of the ride is being added, and the look of the station will become a bit clearer when looking at the shape that its currently forming. 

The trains are currently located in the station, well 2 of the 3 cars are, that’s because the lead car is on display inside the park!

I’m in love with the colors they went with, and am very excited to see what the final touches look like! Let’s finish this quick update with a close-up shot of the ride vehicles and station work! 

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