A Look at Lunar New Year at SeaWorld San Diego

Sean: Lunar New Year is not celebrated by all parks, but major players like SeaWorld San Diego, Disneyland Resort, and Universal Studios Hollywood do love to celebrate. This has been a very successful January for the park, and we thought it was a great time to show you a bit of the event. Thanks to a reader for helping with the visuals!

SeaWorld San Diego’s Lunar New year is very food and entertainment oriented, and features some unique attractions that can not be experienced at the other SoCal parks that celebrate. 

It includes a good set of shows at the Festival Stage!

The stage is set up not far from the Dolphin Days stadium, and is well decorated with lanterns. The special-event pop up show venue saw lots of crowds during the Lunar New Year days!

Traditional dragon dancing, martial arts, music, etc were all parts of the entertainment offerings.

In the distance you can spot the park’s newest attraction, the 150 feet tall Premier Rides Sky Rocket II coaster: Electric Eel! A link to the construction update can be found on the bottom of the report. 

The thing that really interests us? FOOD. Ramen soup was one of the many food offerings at the event. 

Dragon Breath Popcorn was a cool touch, much like you see in Facebook videos that go viral. This was one of those “foodie” food items, Nitrogen Popcorn.

Food offerings all had their own beautifully asian vending spots. Like the one seen for the Spring Rolls and Bao Sandwich stand.

All food offerings seem to do particularly well. It’s always great to see an audience indulge in a special event. 

Among entertainment offerings was a Chinese Wishing Tree where guests were able to hang their wishes!

Here’s another look at some of the awesome entertainment that is lined up for Lunar New Year, in addition to the park’s other major shows like Dolphin Days and Orca Encounter of course!

And it wouldn’t be SeaWorld if there wasn’t an awesome special event animal attraction! For Lunar New Year, the Year of the Dog… A PUPPY GARDEN!

I mean this is just too cute. <3

The City of Chula Vista Animal Care Facility was present to educate the guests!

Random, but so neat: Lunar New Year Plink-O!

Throughout the park beautiful decoration could be found, most of which of course honored the dog. 


And with this awesome Lunar New Year display at SeaWorld San Diego we’ll wrap up this quick Lunar New Year Report! 

Thanks for reading this Lunar New Year report from SeaWorld San Diego, make sure to check out our brand new Electric Eel Update (SeaWorld San Diego), here!

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