Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – February 21st, 2018

Sean: Another Six Flags Magic Mountain update! We were just at the park a few days ago, but since then there have already been some changes worth noting. This includes Apocalypse operations, the continuation of the Jet Stream refurbishment, as well as additional brakes being installed on Green Lantern: First Flight. In addition we’ll look at some other notes I made about situations around the park!

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First things first, SoCal is hitting some windy cold front and it has been surprisingly cold the past few days, which you may have read in our Knott’s report. This unfortunately meant that some of the beautiful banners advertising the new-for-2018 attraction CraZanity have been blown off and need to be replaced.

Inside the park, though the new Below 6 in Cyclone Bay has opened, the new ice cream bar and coffee shop at the front of the park is still under construction. We’re excited to see a restaurant that will be able to serve food and drinks at opening time. I wouldn’t mind seeing a place to sit, like a small patio, either. 

You know what’s awesome about these weekdays? Marathoning popular rides like X2 and Tatsu. If you get the chance to visit on these weekdays, you should!

The Orient Express, a.k.a. the Helpful Honda Express, is still not very helpful with bringing guests from the entrance to the park to the top of the hill. 

As I stated elsewhere before, I can’t believe it’s been down for so long. ADA guests need to make one heck of a trip around the park and on steep slopes to get to Samurai Summit. 

The sun was obstructing the view of the massive construction behind the park, but I snapped a picture anyways. The construction of about 2,000 homes is taking place literally feet from the park’s fences. The construction site is incredibly active with dozens of machinery vehicles moving around all day.

Let’s talk about Jet Stream now we’re up here! The ride’s flume was being repainted last week. It looks like the first turn after the lift has been repainted.

The new sides of the building are still under construction, but the roof has been finished. 

If you look closely you may able to see the drop and flume that have been repainted, the turnaround following the drop and the rest of the flume have yet to be repainted. 

A big exciting event, after MONTHS of trying to get on Apocalypse in it’s rare operating moments, the ride’s mechanical pieces that needed to be replaced have been replaced, and the ride has reopened. 

Since it’s been so long, it was quite a trip to walk through this queue. I am at this park weekly, and yet I haven’t seen this queue in a very long time! 

Though this is the least impressive GCI wooden coaster in the state, the rattling of the Millennium Flyer trains across the track was a welcomed sound. That was in addition to the TONS of loud machinery preparing for neighborhoods just next to the ride. 

So after an already VERY lengthy retracking earlier in 2017, what has changed now? You may wonder… well… besides the need for a mechanical piece (not sure what exactly), the ride also received some additional retracking. 

The ride itself isn’t particularly smooth, but has a healthy wooden coaster feel to it. It definitely doesn’t glide over the tracks the way GhostRider does, but isn’t rough our overly vibrating either. I enjoyed my ride on it. 

One thing you may have noticed in the picture above, the park has added structural wood panels on the track to keep the track in tact better. This is very common on any newer GCI, such as Gold Striker and GhostRider. 

To my amazement Ninja has been running two train all these weekdays while almost every other ride, including X2 and Tatsu, are only running one. I’m not complaining! Though I am ready for Jet Stream to reopen soon! 

Let’s head over to our new favorite: Riddler’s Revenge! I am so obsessed with this giant beautiful beast lately. 

I want to give a quick shout out to the park for replacing this sign and keeping it so retro. In addition the park’s refurbished Riddler sign and ride vehicles still have hints of purple, like the sides and bottoms of these logo letters. 

One thing that is unfortunate? The ride’s repaint took place less than a year ago, and the paint is already heavily peeling like on Batman. The pictures I’m about to show show some of that peeling, but you may have to look for it. Below it’s the center supports in the picture. 

The paint on the track itself is already starting to peel as well, as noted on the first quarter of the first corkscrew. 

Supports keeping up the lift hill are having the same problems. 

Though it is noticeable when you look for it, the ride itself still looks AMAZING with the new colors. Just a shame that right after repainting it’s already peeling.

We ranked The Riddler’s Revenge #5 best coaster in California in our 2017 California Top 10. Again and again this ranking is confirmed for me. I ride this legendary stand-up about once a week now, if not more, and it just simply always delivers such a quality smooth ride experience. 

Here’s one last Riddler’s Revenge picture I’m throwing at you this update.

Though it’s colder than usual it was a BEAUTIFUL day at the park. The crowds in the park on these weekdays are light, but are plenty. There are much more guests than we, or the park, expected. And that is great news!

You may have seen our detailed behind-the-scenes construction update of the new Boardwalk and CraZanity ride. I advice you check it out here for all details of what’s happening behind the gates. 

A fun little surprise was posted by the park this morning! They received the brand new bumper cars that will be running on the newly renovated SandBlasters. The new ride will feature lasers, lights, and music as well as these beautiful vehicles.

As you may have read in our construction update, Tidal Wave is getting repainted as part of the launch of the Boardwalk. The colors have not yet been decided on.

And there are quite some people that have been dying to learn more about the changes coming to Green Lantern: First Flight. Perhaps you can spot it in the picture below?

Let’s take a closer look at the Inside  Raven Turn (for the lack of better terms on a ZacSpin). The brakes on top have always been there, and there used to be brakes on the bottom (which are likely to be added again before the ride reopens).

But the new thing is the new brakes that have just now been added to the middle part of the Raven Turn. 

These brakes are brand new and seem to be a precaution after the park was allegedly battled with some sort of lawsuit from a rider that may have gotten injured on the ride. (Not confirmed by the park). 

This may have been a pretty short update, but let’s finish with one last look at the new brakes on the ride I never ride anyways: Green Lantern: First Flight.

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3 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – February 21st, 2018”

  1. Some people are too soft these days that they can’t hold on or brace for a ride. First timber mountain and now this. Come on folks, GL:FF is a good ride to bash your head in with, so keep it back, duh. People are too sue happy these days, they’re ruining it.

  2. I think the paint peeling might be a result of the type of paint they’re using. I wonder if they’re even using paint that’s meant to be used on roller coasters. Think about it, they reused the paint from The New Revolution on the buildings and stuff. Maybe they thought that using non-coaster paint would be cheaper and still okay?

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