Six Flags Magic Mountain CraZanity Construction Tour and Park Update – February 2018

Sean: We spent a few days at Six Flags Magic Mountain with European Coaster Kings, and we’re excited to have been invited to a CraZanity and Boardwalk construction tour! Below you’ll find some quick park update notes before we dive into all the details we received during the CraZanity Boardwalk construction tour!

– Over the years, many of our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that not everyone mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

Let’s start off with the fact that Lightning Falls at Hurricane Harbor is seeing a lot of off-season love, with repairs in the structure, and possibly maintenance on the slides and splash pool. 

Speaking of splash pools, Jet Stream’s first drop has received new walls and a brand new roof. In addition to which the flume is being painted. All boats are undergoing major refurbishments as well. 

In efforts to stay on top of their game, the park is constantly installing new games, like this game featuring actual toilets.

Green Lantern: First Flight has been a topic of discussion lately, since it has not operated since August or July, and work has been taken place recently. As of right now, all there really is to see is the replacement of some of the brakes, particularly the final brakes. 

Batman is still going strong with the on-ride video, unfortunately the paint peeling is getting quite severe all over the ride.

DC Universe received slight maintenance touches including a bit of fresh paint and a new awning on one of the facades. 

Scrambler, which is now undergoing a complete refurbishment is stored in pieces underneath Scream!.

Scream! itself is holding up nicely <3 

Another very nice to see was the amount of racing rides we had on Twisted Colossus the past few days. All rides we took on the RMC coaster featured racing action. It’s been a while! 

Let’s finish the short park-update part of the report with some racing Twisted Colossus action <3 

CraZanity and Boardwalk Construction Tour

Time to take a look at what’s buzzing in Six Flags Magic Mountain’s new-for-2018 area: The Boardwalk! The front four game pavilions have been repainted in soft purple and blue colors and look great. The row of games behind it will be painted yellow and orange, bright colors, to make the area pop and feel inviting. The park will be retiring the red-white-blue theme. 

Time to venture behind these walls and see what’s new!

Quick shout out to the Six Flags Magic Mountain team for their enthusiasm and detailed answering of the questions! 

Here we are! The home of the newest attraction in the park’s lineup: CraZanity. 

The park is busy installing chainlink fences surrounding CraZanity’s plot, and the pieces of scrap wood from the trees remains one of the few things in the way of the new ride. Note that the Shoot the Hoops game is remaining, will be repainted, and will help with the transition from games to rides in the new area.

We got to take a quick look at some of the current renderings that will reveal what the new area looks like. As well as the entrance to the ride, which will be right across from the Tidal Wave entrance, with a queue house next to the bumper cars.

Johnny Rockets will receive new seating, as well as a complete refurbishment of the building. 

CraZanity itself is a Zamperla Giant Discovery (Discovery40) that is 172 feet tall by itself, making it the world’s tallest pendulum ride, but it will also be elevated about 10 feet above the Boardwalk area, which will help with the pendulum swinging 182 feet into the sky above the park. 

If you wonder why the park went with Zamperla to manufacture the larger pendulum ride especially for Six Flags Magic Mountain, thats because of the success of the other Giant Discoveries in the chain, and the fact that Huss would not adjust their current model. The below plot is where we’ll see the queue house as and the ride on the right. 

They are currently leveling the land for the ride to go in. In front of the leveled land, the park will install extra planters with landscaping, and no more trees will be removed for the addition of CraZanity. 

This is where the entrance of CraZanity will be located, and where the metro station used to be. The queue house will be located right past the entrance to the ride (as shown below).

Next up: SandBlasters! This ride is going to see so much change that you won’t recognize it again, 

The interior will be completely refurbished and will see a light show with music, along with brand new vehicles. 

The viewing platform has been removed and will not be replaced. Instead the park is widening the midway and will be adding a ramp so that the ride becomes more ADA friendly. Across the ride we have Tidal Wave, which too will receive some love. The ride already received a new entrance in the Boardwalk area in 2017, and now will see further upgrades including a complete repaint. The exit for the ride will still spill out into Metropolis.

Lots of debris could be found where the old viewing platform was, it is clear that they are cleaning up in the area to make it look open and fresh. Though I sort of wish they’d still have a viewing platform. 

LOTS OF DEBRIS. But it sure is already looking promising.

All the wood and metal you see in the pictures are from the old queue house for SandBlasters (bumper cars) and the viewing platform. Once that’s all cleared, the park will install a new set of switchbacks. 

The ride building will look much different in the near future, with new colors, and a midway closer to it, as well as the ADA accessible ramp we discussed earlier. 

Scrambler is currently getting a major refurbishment as well, as seen above it is stored below Scream!. Scrambler will be getting new pastel colors and will be receiving sails/awnings over the ride to keep the seats cool and the ride hidden from the sun. A much welcomed change.

The retro queue house will remain and will be refurbished. 

I wonder what this directory will soon look like.

Walking inside the stripped down SandBlasters, it becomes blatant that it really needs an update. 

The little maintenance sign is beautiful. What a little gem <3

The area shown below will see multiple new planters that double as benches, along with some new landscaping. The restroom that will signify the start of the Boardwalk, the one located next to Scrambler, will be redesigned with new toilets, hand blowers and troph sinks. The park also announced that every year in the near future restrooms around the park will be redesigned. 

As to the status of CraZanity, the park and manufacturer are on schedule. The ride’s control and power panels are currently being put together in the manufacturing plant, along with the ride’s mechanical pieces. 

We are so excited that the park is keeping the original queue house. I think it’ll go beautifully well with the new theme they are going for. 

Thanks for providing us with food and drinks after the tour! It was great to hang out with Neal Thurman, the new park president!

Thank you for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain report! We’ll be back with a lot more Six Flags Magic Mountain, as well as our other beloved California Theme parks. Visit European Coaster Kings, which will soon be relaunched with new and exciting content!

For now, enjoy our CCK’s Magic Mountain 365 – Game Plan. Where discuss areas of the park and what we’d like to see improved!

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14 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain CraZanity Construction Tour and Park Update – February 2018”

  1. Did SFMM give an estimated opening date for Crazanity, and when all of the updates on Sandblasters, Scrambler and Tidal Wave will be complete?

  2. Wow thank you for this awesome update! Neil Thurman is doing quite well and he’s only beginning!

    Question. Do you know if there are any plans to redo the front gate of the park to something more impressive in the future?

    1. The park can’t reopen the tower as the city of Los Angeles has decided it is a building, not a ride and as a building it does not met earthquake safety standards
      This info came from a park rep during an ACE picnic I attended a few years ago. I would like to see the area receive some landscaping, shade, and maybe a small food concession as a place for guest to take a break from the busy, noisy park

      1. How can the city of Los Angeles make this claim since the city has no jurisdiction over something outside of the city?

  3. Wow!! That’s a nice update. Hopefully, Magic Mountain will start giving Cedar point a run for its money in due time. I’ve said this time and time and time again. Green Lantern has to go and get replaced with a custom-made S&S 4D free spin, or get rid of Tidal Wave for being closed for so long. Maybe even make RMC T-Rex coaster for Wonder Woman herself instead of that spinning thing she has.

    1. Incorrect. We visit the park as guests at least once a week, and over the past 5 years the park has made LEAPS in the right direction. It’s cleaner, more appealling, and better managed than it has been in a long time, and that’s why we like the current state of the park.

  4. Nice update, the pendulum ride at Discovery Kingdom is very fun. This one is taller and faster.
    Magic Mountain has improved a LOT in the last decade. There are still irritating issues we experience:
    -Get the damn App to show actual ride times
    -Run all 3 cars on Twisted Colossus and adjust the timing to get more racing
    -get some new cars for Viper. The track is fine, but the restrains SUCK
    -Just get rid of Green Lantern, its a bad ride. Does anyone else recall FlachBack? (aka Whiplash)
    -Probably get rid of Tidal Wave too, does anyone like it? Just put up a giant bucket of water that dumps on people every 5 minutes.

  5. The best news of all was about the bathrooms being refurbed. That makes me so happy!!! The current state of the restrooms disgrace the park and bring down the park experience. I always compare them to public park restrooms, which are worse than most gas stations.

    Thanks for the updates!!!

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