Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest 2015 – Scare Zone Reviews

DSCN2216 (Large)California Coaster Kings attended the Opening Night of this year’s Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain! Thanks to the Express maze-passes we manage to visit all shows, all mazes, and all Scare Zones! This year’s event had 7 Scare Zones. In this particular review article, we’re looking at the 7 Scare Zones the event had this year.

To view/download the 2015 Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest Guide, click on the PDF: Six Flags Magic Mountain 2015 Fright Fest Guide

  • The Wastelands – Located next to the popular Aftermath maze, the Wastelands is an average sized, well-themed Scare Zone. There are a good amount of actors that all have incredible masks and make-up. In addition, there’s a couple of sheds, cars, and other hide-out spots for actors, making a walk through the Scare Zone surprising at times. The Scare Zone well compliments the corresponding maze and is pretty visually pleasing. On busy days, the line for the aftermath will be through the Scare Zone. It’s a cool Scare Zone to walk through, it’s solid, has a clear theme, plenty of actors, and looks great! DSCN2169 (Large)
  • Nightmares: A Twisted Fantasy – This Scare Zone is ‘trippy’. With all black-lights and neon theming, it can actually be challenging to walk through this Scare Zone! How come? – Well, there’s a good amount of fog, fog is gray/white, and the black-lights and purple-ish stage-lights that are used in the area turn the fog into visual walls. You can hardly see what’s up next. In addition, the actors in this area are very talented, stay true to their character, and can deliver some good scares! DSCN2199 (Large)
  • Exile Hill – Located on the top of the hill, Exile Hill connects the Willoughby’s Resurrected maze with the Willoughby’s Garden of Darkness maze. Generally, this Scare Zone is filled with fog and characters from the two mazes. Due to the slight difference in elevation along the area, the scare zone indeed feels like a hill. In general guests get some good scares in the area, thanks to the heavy use of fog. It’s not a Scare Zone that really stands out, but it’s a good one nonetheless!


  • Zombie Xing – For a tiny Scare Zone, there’s a great amount of theming! With a warning sign, a small schoolbus, a crashed car, and a whole lot more, Zombie Xing is one of the quickest, yet fun, Scare Zones. Though I remember the scare factor being higher in the past, I still truly enjoy this Scare Zone. Like most Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest Scare Zones, it’s packed with fog, and with the lack of light, it’s pretty hard to navigate through. The actors are great, and though in such a short Scare Zone it may be hard to get some good scares, with a little luck, the fog will block your sight and a scare actor will still scare you. DSCN2178 (Large)
  • Demon’s Door – Upon entering the park this is the first Scare Zone you’ll walk through. The theme is quite obvious, you’re in hell. The Scare Actors are great, and there are a lot of them. Due to most of the fog being exerted into the air vertically, the area isn’t as fog filled. Nonetheless, there’s a nice aerial presence of fog. There are some wonderful themed elements in this Scare Zones. Which, combined with the red and purple stage-lighting, create for a cool atmosphere. In addition, the Scare Zone extends up to the fountain, which during Fright Fest has a wonderfully hellish flame-thrower placed in it. Overall it’s a fun scare zone, it’s not the scariest, but a great way to enter Fright Fest.DSCN2186 (Large)
  • Sinister Circuit – NEW FOR 2015! – Six Flags Magic Mountain took their City Under Seige from previous year, and kept the characters. This year, using the new Holiday in the Park light package, they upgraded the Scare Zone and turned it into a funky light-show. Still pretty fog filled, there are several different light shows that play throughout the night, and overall it turned out great! The characters and actors of the area are absolutely fantastic, fun, and the audience loves them. Spending time in this Scare Zone is a fun experience! I personally think it turned out great. Some of the darkness and scares of the previous scare zones have been taken out due to all the building being decked in lights, but it feels pretty immersive. Check it out when visiting the event!DSCN2210 (Large) DSCN2216 (Large)
  • TERRORtory Twisted – NEW FOR 2015 – Last but definitely not least is the park’s other new Scare Zone, which compliments the Screampunk District! It also happens to be the largest Scare Zone in the park’s history. And I would state that it’s absolutely phenomenal! I think it’s the best Scare Zone in the history of the event. They went full out with this Scare Zone. The entrance to it is mazing, they image-map all over the theater, and there’s a record amount of theming! The image mapping on the Gearworks Theater is detailed, long, and totally suits the theme of the scare zone, it’s impressive even! The theming is everywhere, and it looks creepy! They did a great job keeping the area steam-punk-esque. In addition, there’s a wide variety of different characters in the area, from little people to stiltwalkers. If all this wasn’t enough yet… the soundtracks are loud and killer, the lighting is perfect, and theres’s so much fog that by the time 9PM hits Scream!’s entirely faded away in a foggy wasteland! I’m in love with how this area turned out! Make sure to check it out, visit the amazing Unleashed show at 6:30, 8:00, 10:00, and/or 11:30, and ride Twisted Colossus in the dark of course! 20151002_164900 (Large) DSCN2153 (Large)

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