Universal Studios Hollywood Update – October 5th 2015

20151005_133009 (Large)I had the chance to step by Universal Studios Hollywood for most of the day. It was a tad busier than I anticipated, nonetheless, I had a great time! It’s been a little while since our non-Halloween Horror Nights related work has gone LIVE, so here is an update filled with Jurassic Park- The Ride upgrades, new/renovated buildings, Studio Tour renovations, and of course the almighty Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

Let’s start off with the new retail center that’s coming to the park, and is still under construction. 20151005_100357 (Large) Oddly enough part of the main entrance was under construction, so the usual hedge-wooden-walls were installed around it. 20151005_100415 (Large) Here’s another look at the new retail center. The actual building is quickly shaping up. 20151005_101452 (Large) Down on the Lower Lot, the photo-sales center, and NBCUniversal Experience, across from Transformers, seem to be undergoing some sort of renovation. 20151005_141030 (Large) Now summer is finally over, there’s a shade canopy for the Mummy Gate A line-host. 20151005_120548 (Large) Staying on the Lower Lot, the largest dinosaur in the first scene is still receiving a new skin. It seems to be near finished, as two weeks ago it was pretty much entirely dismantled. 20151005_115639 (Large) The way they cover it up doesn’t help terribly much (you can obviously still see through it), but it does look like it could be part of the ride. 20151005_115651 (Large) There are some more upgrades around the ride. The dinosaur coming up from underwater has received a new red and green skin, and looks a lot better. A good upgrade. In addition, the falling car has new lights… but isn’t falling… Both dinosaurs on the lift-hill seem to be working a lot better again, and the first T-Rex has been repositioned, and moves a lot smoother. In addition, to the pipe it ‘breaks’ new fog effects have been added. Of course, now it’s a lot colder outside again, the water-guns have been turned off for the season. 20151005_120409 (Large) Moving on to the Studio Tour. I had a rather interesting/boring experience. With Earthquake being a drive through (no actual mechanical effects), Jaws being renovated, and the Terror Tram theming around the Whoville and Psycho sets, as well as a lot of filming, the Studio Tour felt incomplete today. Very much so. 20151005_111626 (Large) Moving back to the Upper Lot of the Theme park, all around Springfield there are banners promoting Krustyland! (In other words, the Simpsons ride). 20151005_101651 (Large) In addition a new Welcome to Springfield sign has been placed. Overall, with a bunch of small upgrades to the new area, it looks great! 20151005_101708 (Large) Last but not least it the amazingness that will open soon… The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! 20151005_122914 (Large) I mean… look at that castle. Look at the incredible view, the detail… and imagine what awaits within…20151005_133006 (Large) There’s still some hefty construction going on inside the new themed area, but the main work on the castle seems to be completed. Note that the Mack Family Coaster, Flight of the Hippogriff was testing, the train just rolled off the lift when I took this picture, I didn’t capture another test run thereafter. 20151005_101912 (Large) Here’s one final look at the castle to drool over, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens early Spring 2016! 20151005_133009 (Large)

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