Disneyland Resort Update – October 2nd 2015

Jb7Jq3OcfVhRgT5mnHGiN6PPous4xP9f_h6Pfne3n_w19aonbBZ502wD80h28ypVqCEkKQ=s2048While the Disney/Star Wars enthusiasts count down the days until Season of the Force next month as well as Christmas Time coming around (yes…I’ve already mentioned Christmas on the second of October… :D). But first, Disney during Halloween Time is still pretty awesome in its own right. Today there was a hint of fall in the air, otherwise it kept with the theme of the recent warm weather. The park wasn’t exactly at its busiest throughout the day except rides were having occasional “technical difficulties”.

To start the day off we saw the popularity of Disneyland’s Halloween Party at night.hhJHDyjplTMVB-0KNwnIub7oPGSYaWY2HqLLKq5NpOwGaT3uabH24x1IiT2n4euEyMCuhQ=s2048

Immediately upon entry into the park we hurried over to Ghost Galaxy only to run into a temporarily closed sign and cast members.R71mLLE9wesoFGW20CVdb0m6W0Sf-H7bt1jhIRzXRheah4ktp9ZxFhHO3aoH4dCQ9rzSbQ=s2048

After leaving Space Mountain, we spotted the Matterhorn with a short line so that definitely called us to jump in line. The ride was bumpy today…and a little more painful than usual. Nonetheless, there is no experience quite like The Matterhorn Bobsleds! 🙂BASc-079ui5lHI91X4QWbVfZHBcV7y2zwyxz92Yt2B-Awg1-QzT1Svhnq4ijfUtrSer8YA=s2048

Once off the bobsleds we found they were cameras and tables set up around/near Big Thunder and Haunted Mansion. In the picture you can see the locations numbered with one actually centered within the line for the Haunted Mansion Holiday. These cameras were for live t.v. coverage for the Mickey’s Halloween Party later on in the evening.jGNghL5u9A3jcUC4qjMkilN6Zu2o6gwy-77_ZohlpWu88tDJE2CAxLjjnwziVt8rEiU15Q=s2048 neU611lHW_NXqq-_FylM9zdQweGAHjDgaTL0SW0XFXYVbIvwEXOgIr4-iCg10dg-6O66UQ=s2048 Ykff-0noY9F7qyzjEvJistALJXrR14SRdD-pX3K67xpKJS5zJKN7cOzGwl3rSzLIE6oUbQ=s2048 6UrXew3WAj07Tr29bDspuyPXBoX2MiD183a-XKS2O0hRlHy-yUInR-HRfRFddhzFEixZnA=s2048 gxPkzgf6uqBsGvT66RuJurR7rrfU2phaaX8TUdUgfg-96w22qb98LTrNFz9XwiQtjS_dfQ=s2048

On the way out to DCA we passed Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise only to realize they were both closed.pJ7KcUtNfqvm6mkHqLg6eHP0FtYOv2XtsJu-f_6zlux9Hv6HxkTSaX_5B5-SFKtHbHSB4Q=s2048 PfY80FfmzH52i5Wiof-L166W-bR5M6ScYdZTRzN-tygM51Qqu9C4njQiaQ-db5O0-sErrQ=s2048

Luckily, Indiana Jones had a shorter wait than usual!5fq-BwxCmqGsg7kwualNpQggERSxVS61w8Vw_3yA_F5fpK8uEy98RHORbl-G_t-EujL5hQ=s2048

DCA was also light in foot traffic as California Screamin’ was our first stop. As usual Screamin’ had its shorter wait time except in the middle of the day it was still 5-10 minutes.W5vDklBG1jzS94JhP9VZmAPmLlGMEQ2pUS63O5WBiiRhc9yPfsqJFDA58CLHy-SiwE8rFg=s2048

We finished our day at the parks we a nice run on Grizzly River to cool off. The line in the early afternoon was only 15 minutes (but slowly growing)!Lch0DxSi7z_1R_ALhQsnrBPmr9uVrm32a0V5p70-C0WFZ2VDXIkfrL61dX32-i8ck29CBg=s2048

Well, it’s early October and that means there’s obviously only a few more months in the year. Then it would follow that the Diamond Celebration is winding down with growing anticipation for Season of the Force! Well Disney decided that a celebration this grand lasts two years! Don’t worry about missing the Diamond Celebration, it’ll be here next year too! 😉Jb7Jq3OcfVhRgT5mnHGiN6PPous4xP9f_h6Pfne3n_w19aonbBZ502wD80h28ypVqCEkKQ=s2048

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