Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Fright Fest 2015 – Scare Zone Reviews

DSC_0858 (Large)California Coaster Kings attended this year’s Fright Fest at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! Thanks to the VIP maze-passes we manage to visit all shows, all mazes, and all Scare Zones! This year’s event had 3 Scare Zones. In this particular review article, we’re looking at the 3 Scare Zones the event had this year.

Mt Rotting Cemetery: Mt Rotting Cemetery may be the longest scare zone, but unfortunately, is probably the weakest. The theme is graveyard based, but much of the theming is off to the side of the midway in unlit areas. Fortunately, there are lots of actors with some interesting even steampunky costume design. Despite the abundance of actors, the midway it is located in is quite popular and is always rather crowded.  This can make it hard for actors to find good opportunities to scare all the guests. Nonetheless, there are many large graveyard themed set pieces as well as many actors, so this scare zone is still a lot of fun. Hopefully in the future, this Scare Zone will feature more props on the midways, so it’s easier for guests to get scared. DSC_0856 (Large)DSC_0855 (Large)

Arachnid Alley: Arachnid Alley is a much shorter scare zone, but it is still of pretty high quality. It features two large spider props to the side of the path as well as a comparatively dense population of actors. Furthermore, the entire area is completely covered in cobwebs and fog, making this scare zone feel a little more immersive. Unfortunately, actors really have nowhere to hide, so many scares are easier to see coming than some would like. The area could also benefit from being a bit longer as it feels quite short, and if an actor can’t get to you in time, rather unsatisfying. Regardless, this scare zone has a consistent theme and plenty of actors, and therefore is still a lot of fun.DSC_0858 (Large)

Zombie Quarantine: Zombie Quarantine is truly a gem of a scare zone. It features two distinct paths going in opposite directions determined by cage like fencing. The tight and claustrophobic path really draws out the otherwise short length of the midway into a satisfying scare zone. Actors are cleverly positioned inside the path, between the two paths, and even in some cases in the plants adjacent to the area. The massive amount of fog and lighting give these actors all the opportunities to take advantage of, and for the most part they do, making the scare zone appropriately scary. Overall, set, design, theme, and acting all come together in this scare zone for what is arguably the best scare zone at the event.  DSC_0860 (Large)

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