The Joker Update #2

DSC_0839 (Large)We are back with another brand new Joker update, and there has been quite a decent amount of progress has been made since our last visit to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. It seems that rather than go one step at a time doing the deconstruction and reconstruction for each element, it seems as though RMC is preparing the entire coaster very quickly with lots of deconstruction and track removal. this way, when the I-Box track arrives, they will be able to get a tremendous amount of track placement done in very little time. Copious amounts of deconstruction has been completed since our last visit, and the more Roar that is removed, the more evident the inevitable chaotic coaster that it to come, The Joker.

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Contrary to our last update where in which only the brake run had been removed, now the entirety of the station track, pre-lift track, and pre-lift supports are gone as well.DSC_0842 (Large)

A small section of track has been removed from the bottom of the lift hill, but the rest of the lift track and chain remain. Those will most likely be removed soon.DSC_0841 (Large)

Also in the area, the entire bottom of the first drop has been removed. The beginning of the first turnaround has also been removed all the way up until the future location of the step up under flip.DSC_0848 (Large)

The bookends have been removed from the first large hill, with only the middle section remaining. DSC_0824 (Large)DSC_0831 (Large)

A large portion of the lower turnaround nearest V2 has also been removed.DSC_0839 (Large)

Of course, the drop from the higher turnaround in the section is still gone, just like last update.image3 (Large)

Now the entirety of the final airtime hill and last few turns leading into the brake-run have been removed as well, including much of the structure.DSC_0829 (Large)DSC_0830 (Large)

The tunnel portion towards the middle of the ride has also been removed including the tunnels. It was a bit hard to photograph due to its location in the structure, but you can see the triangular shaped tunnel tops somewhat clearly.DSC_0835 (Large)

The nuts, bolts and steel cross beams are still out in between Superman and the construction site, along with the numerous stacks of fresh wood.DSC_0826 (Large)

The scope of all of the removal and deconstruction is really apparent with all the stacks of removed track and structure stored within and adjacent to the rides structure.

Finally, although there is no RMC track on site yet, we now know where it is. This picture of the Joker track being constructed and painted was graciously provided by the park, and it seems as though it will soon be shipped to the park and start to be placed!SFDK FB Joker RMCplant pic

Thanks so much for checking out this most recent Joker update. The progress is quite evident and it seems as though once the track has arrived, the park has been gutting the existing structure, so construction will go quickly, and we will of course be there to cover it!

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So, what’s the element of the Joker you’re most excited for? Comment below and let us know!

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