Legoland Billund- The Original Park Keeps Going Strong

Did you know that Legoland Billund is the world’s original Lego park? If not, now you sure do! Therefore Legoland Billund houses a lot of the original Lego attractions- such as the original Dragon rollercoaster. Emma and I headed out to Legoland Billund to explore the park and see what’s new. It was my first time, however Emma has already visited the park- you can read her take on the park here.

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Lego Movie World

Whilst Emma and I call Legoland Windsor our home Lego park, we loved to see the Lego Movie World in Billund. Whilst Legoland Windsor added a brand new Mythica themed area for 2021, Billund exceeded that with a brand new themed world based on the Lego movie. If you think that “everything is awesome” in this area of the park- yes it sure is!

Even the entrance to the Lego Movie World shows a grand Lego-style construction. As you enter the themed land, you really feel like you are on set. The first of the attractions you see as you enter the land is Apocalypseburg Sky Battle. This flat ride manufactured by Technical Park lets you control your own plane style seat and loop continuously head over heels- if you feel like it! We didn’t try this one out as similar attractions stand in other parks, such as Red arrows at Blackpool.

Emmet’s Flying Adventure- Masters of Flight

Inside this colourful and vibrant building you will find a very special attraction. Take to the flying couch and explore the Lego Movie universe with Emmett in an action-packed flying theatre ride. This one was pretty awesome- I am in fact always a fan of flying theatre experiences. I didn’t find the concept quite so exciting as the Flight of the Skylion at Legoland Windsor, however it was still a great dark ride to have in the park.

Unikitty’s Disco Drop

To finish off the Lego Movie world themed area, you can find a pair of twin family drop towers named “Unikitty’s Disco Drop”. The ride found it’s way in most parks now across the world, but the theming of this one really stands out due to the colourful and vibrant atmosphere! Absolutely love the way this whole area shapes together!

Legoland’s staple attractions

With Legoland now being all over the world, you will find many duplicates of the same ride in different Lego parks across the world. Let’s take a quick look at some of Billund’s staple attractions.


With Ninjago becoming popular worldwide, Lego brought the Ninjago dark ride synonymously across Lego parks across the world. The Ninjago dark ride in Billund is identical to the one at the rest of the parks!

The Dragon

Legoland Billund is home to the original Dragon rollercoaster. There are now dragon themed rollercoasters at Lego parks across the world. Whilst The Dragon at Billund is different to the other dragon rollercoasters, the concept remains similar. Interestingly, the Dragon rollercoaster at Billund is a Mack powered coaster and therefore contains no lift hill. Keep an eye out on our social media channels for a POV coming soon!

Unique to Legoland Billund

Polar X-Plorer

The Polar X-Plorer is undoubtedly the major rollercoaster at Legoland Billund. Unfortunately, the rollercoaster had stalled due to the cold weather and was therefore closed during our visit, however this coaster is impressive to look at nonetheless. This rollercoaster was manufactured by Zierer and features a special surprise at the end of the ride!

Vikings River Splash

Whilst river rapid attractions are common in Lego parks all around the world, this one strikes me as one of my favourites that I’ve tried. It features brilliant theming as well as a lift hill and a steep drop- which makes it really exhiliarating!

Ghost-The Haunted House

This was my favourite dark ride, if not my favourite attraction that we tried during our stay at Legoland Billund. Without giving too many spoilers away, it’s a really well themed and immersive experience. I found it extremely reminiscent of Mystery Castle at Phantasialand- perhaps that’s why I loved it so much.


Whilst not a stand-out unique attraction in itself, it’s something that doesn’t appear very often at Lego parks across the world. The Legotop is an observation tower which gives you spectacular views of the park and surrounding area from above. I always think that more parks could do with an observation tower so this one was very much appreciated!

Ice Pilots school

The Ice Pilots school in the polar themed area was a completely new experience to me. I’ve never been on a robotic arm attraction before and the interactive element of being able to choose your own ride cycle in advance is something incredibly unique that I’ve never experienced before! I don’t know how I felt about it though- it was certainly an experience but somewhat unpleasant being hung upside down!

A resort stay at Legoland Billund

If you are wanting to turn your trip to Legoland Billund into a holiday- why not consider an overnight stay on the resort? There are two hotels to choose from- The Lego hotel and the Castle hotel. Keep an eye out for Emma’s article, where she will take you through all the benefits of a stay in the Lego hotel!

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