Knott’s Scary Farm 2016 – Show and Scare Zone Reviews

dscn3700-largeIt’s that time of year… the World Famous Knott’s Scary Farm has opened for the 2016 season and this may just be their best season yet! With 2 new shows, 4 Scare Zones (including the new one: “The Hollow”), and an amazing cast, this year was another year that you can not miss at Scary Farm. Join us as we take a look at the shows and Scare Zones and review them below!

The Hanging: Finding Gory

The Hanging is the most popular show at Knott’s Scary Farm, which has been the case for years! This year’s version is hilarious as always and combines a lot of this year’s trends with politics and comedy. Perfect for a good time. dscn3719-large

The show takes place on the new stage next to the Calico Mine Ride and includes mostly voice-over this year. It does a great job connecting the majority of this year’s new blockbuster movies and music festivals with music artist and… tiny spoiler: Pokemon Go. (I mean, they HAD TO, not mentioning Pokemon Go would be like skipping 2016 all together). It’s a Knott’s Scary Farm classic, and it should not be missed! dscn3717-large

Elvira’s Danse Macabre

The famous Mistress of the Dark (Elvira) is back as well this year! This year’s show is themed literally to what’s on stage. A bunch of dancing! The show is called “Elvira’s Danse Macabre” and features Elvira’s amazing sense of humor along with dancing. dscn3723-large

In fact, Elvira her self even rapped and danced during the last few minutes of the performance, which was a delight. A hilarious one. Elvira is such a Scary Farm experience at this point, that whatever type of shows she’s in each season, it’s always fun to check out. Get out of long lines and mazes and sit down in a nicely air conditioned theater for a fun show. dscn3729-large

Scare Zones

It’s time to talk about Scare Zones at Knott’s Scary Farm. This year the event featured four of them, including the new Scare Zone in Camp Snoopy: “The Hollow”. Overall there are two very good Scare Zones at the event, and two mediocre ones. Let’s dive into reviewing them, shall we?

Ghost Town Streets

Let’s start with Ghost Town Streets… the one and only Ghost Town Streets. If you’re familiar with the event, even from long ago, you’ll know that this Scare Zone is… AWESOME! This zone is one of the staples of the event and features the famous sliders, amazing lighting, lots of hideouts for actors and… an actual real-life ghost town setting. It’s the best Scare Zone at the park, and perhaps one of the best around the world. It’s very large and perfectly suits Knott’s Berry Farm. Make sure to walk through it a few times during your visit!dscn3730-large

Fiesta De Los Muertos

Fiesta De Los Muertos is located in Fiesta Village and offers guests that Latin edge that perfectly suits the area. Of course it’s themed to Dia De Los Muertos and has the typical make-up and costumes you’d expect in the area, and sadly that means that the area doesn’t stand out particularly well among other Haunt events. Nonetheless, thanks to it being pretty dark in the area, the actors manage to work in quite a few scares in here! dscn3693-large


And then we get to CarnEvil… with the clown theme. Sadly I never enjoyed this Scare Zone and continue to dislike it. It’s not that the (occasional) scares are bad. But it’s simply too light out, too stretched out, and there are no hideouts or foggy areas. The area stretches from Supreme Scream to Voyage to the Iron Reef and simply is too large to create a frightful environment. The actors are great, very interactive, and a lot of fun to hang out around, but the area simply doesn’t live up to the other attractions at the event (which are across the board great). It’s an outlier.  dscn3700-large

The Hollow

But luckily not a single one of the new 2016 attractions at the event disappointed… and The Hollow is AWESOME! It is a great new Scare Zone that wonderfully shows off the natural setting of Camp Snoopy with great lighting, lots of fog, a bunch of thematic little lights in the trees and a large amount of actors. I went through this Scare Zone several times as there are two Skeleton Key rooms located within, and had an awesome experience every single time. Just like the 2016 mazes at the event, the area was everything you’d expect from Knott’s Scary Farm and put CarnEvil to shame. A great addition, make sure to pass through it while at Knott’s Scary Farm!dscn3695-large

dscn3684-largeOverall Knott’s Scary Farm is great, they may only have two shows in recent years, but neither Elvira nor The Hanging ever disappoints. They’re shows I always look forward to seeing while at the event. Scare Zone wise Knott’s Berry Farm isn’t as good as they are with their amazing mazes, and CarnEvil and Fiesta De Los Muertos are proof of that. Nonetheless both the Hollow and Ghost Town Streets are large and great Scare Zones, which you MUST check out. As mentioned, their mazes are fantastic, so make sure to check out the maze reviews. A link can be found below. 🙂

dscn3709-largeThanks for checking out the Knott’s Scary Farm Shows and Scare Zones Reviews! We have a lot more Knott’s Scary Farm 2016 content already launched, including Spoiler-free Skeleton Key Room reviews and MAZE RATINGS AND REVIEWS! 😀

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