Knott’s Scary Farm 2016 – Spoiler Free Skeleton Key Room Reviews

Key with Plate 2016 (no background) (Medium)Knott’s Scary Farm opened for the 2016 Season and for the first time in the history of the Skeleton Key Rooms the park has added four separate Skeleton Key Room experiences that are absolutely crazy! Since these are unique and exclusive to Skeleton Key holders only, we’ll keep it a surprise as much as possible. Join us for a spoiler-free (no more details than the Knott’s Scary Farm site has released) review of each and our opinions of which are the best! There may be a very tiny spoiler here and there that is available across the web, if you wish to not read that information, please check out our other Knott’s Scary Farm articles on our Halloween page!

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This Skeleton Key Room is also located in the Hallows Scare Zone, near Fiesta De Los Muertos and is themed after an 80s Horror movie slaughter type of experience. The room is absolutely terrifying upon entry and you will have no clue where and when the experience will begin. This was a room where my party and I got several good scares in. One little hint: You won’t have a clue in what direction to look, or from what direction you will be attacked. Good luck!


Prey was a fantastic Skeleton Key Room. You are sent in with your group and a select few lanterns, and these are faulty of course. There’s a significant amount of actors in this Skeleton Key room, unlike others, and you’re going to have a frightening time finding your way out. Perhaps the lantern will help, perhaps it turns off just when you need it. This Skeleton Key Room frightened the heck out of me and my party and was an absolute hit. If you hear a group of screaming guests in there before you enter, just realize you likely will be screaming your head off too. This room is located in front of Sierra Sidewinder in the Hollow Scare Zone!



The last of the four Skeleton Key Rooms is Visions, located in the Haunt Museum in Ghost Town Streets. This experience utilizes modern technology to create an exploring type of experience, which is something very unique. You roam the Skeleton Key Room where all sorts of surprises and stories await you and your Phantom Finder. There are a few good scares but overall the experience is more a showcase of the technology than a purely terrifying type of experience. Therefore it’s not as good as the others in my opinion.



When Knott’s Scary Farm released the ZOZO information a few months ago we all knew this was going to mess with you a bit. A Ouija board type of experience is already freaky enough to begin with… now imagine playing with a Ouija board slowly calling upon spirits… The suspense is insane, and the effects the room utilizes are guaranteed going to leave some of our readers freaked out wanting to escape. Another great Skeleton Key Room!


Let’s show the four ranked from best to worst, in my opinion.

  1. Prey
  2. Slasher
  3. ZOZO
  4. Visions

Now the first three were all amazing, the last one on this list (Visions) failed to amaze me. The line was probably the longest, and the experience just wasn’t very haunting. Nonetheless, it was something unique and cool. Overall though, Prey was an experience you simply can’t miss out on, and you should definitely try get that in. Slasher and ZOZO are of equal quality. They will freak you out, and you will hold on to anyone in your party on Slasher. All around great new experiences. If you’re short on time, I advise to take a look at the ranking above.

dscn3704-largeThanks for checking out the Knott’s Scary Farm Skeleton Key Rooms Reviews! We’ll have a lot more Knott’s Scary Farm coming soon, including Shows and Scare Zone Reviews! 😀 Read our full Knott’s Scary Farm Maze Ratings and Reviews here!

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