California’s Great America Halloween Haunt 2016 – Scare Zone Reviews

dscn3751-largeCalifornia’s Great America’s Halloween Haunt has opened for the 2016 Season! This year’s event includes three Scare Zones. Two very good ones, and one that has potential but sadly is understaffed. Join us as we discuss and review the three Scare Zones at the event.


Lockdown is a scare zone located directly outside of Insanitarium. It dominates the midway with heavy fog, lights, and huge shipping containers. Unfortunately what this scare zone is not full of, is actors. The shipping containers are very nice touch and are unfortunately the most imposing thing about this scare zone. The understaffing is just too apparent, and it really does take the “scare” out of “scare zone”. You’ll probably end up walking through Lockdown at some point during the night, but if you’re not paying attention, you might not even notice. Unfortunately, Lockdown is a bit of a dud.dscn3779-large

Killer Clown Town

Killer Clown Town is a scare zone located near the Planet Snoopy Section of the park in which a section of the midway has been overrun by murderous clowns. The set pieces are minimal but effective, and allow for some decent scares throughout. Most importantly, this scare zone is well staffed and there are actors in every nook and cranny, bursting out with murderous glee. It’s a decent length, the wardrobe and makeup is effective and each character has their own unique flavor. You’re likely to walk through it anyway, but Killer Clown Town is a decent scare zone and it is most certainly worth a stroll through.dscn3739-large


Located on the midway between Demon and Grizzly, Evacuate is in a prime spot for guests to walk through on their way from one thing to another. Fortunately, the most visited scare zone in the park is also, in our opinion, the strongest. The set pieces are quite impressive, mostly consisting of a slew of wrecked vehicles and apocalyptic scenery. There are blinding lights coming from the Grizzly side, making it very hard to see the well disguised actors. Although not as abundant as in Killer Clown Town, there are plenty of actors in Evacuate to ensure at least a good scare or two as you meander through zombie filled scare zone. Between the well carried out theme, the scenery, and the scares, Evacuate is the strongest scare zone at California’s Great America Halloween Haunt.dscn3751-largedscn3753-large

dscn3758-largeThanks for checking out these California’s Great America Halloween Haunt 2016 Scare Zone Reviews! We’ll be publishing about their Skeleton Key Room experiences (Spoiler Free) soon! For now check out their Maze Ratings and Reviews! Also check out the amazing event at their sister park, Knott’s Berry Farm. Check out the Knott’s Scary Farm 2016 – Maze Ratings and Reviews!

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