Knott’s Scary Farm 2015 Announcement Event!

The HangingOne of the best events each year, is the Knott’s Scary Farm Announcements event. Media and crazy-awesome Knott’s passholders gather at the park’s largest theater to witness the moment at which Knott’s Berry Farm reveals all the details of that year’s Haunt. And this year sure didn’t disappoint, great new mazes, awesome upgrades of old mazes, and much more great news. I was at the event, and here’s how it went! 

I’m gonna run through the event chronologically, if that makes sense. Just the order of events during the night. I advance I apologize for some of the pictures, I had issues with getting the settings correct, and in a dark fog and light filled theater, it’s quite challenging to get good pictures. Bear with me 😛

Well, let’s get started by entering the theater, where vicious monsters awaited guests. I got a few jump scares, even dropped my phone because of it. 😛20150826_195946 (Large)Look clown monster dude! 20150826_201046 (Large) After a dramatic entrance to the stage, Jeff Tucker started the presentation with… You guessed it, the return of the Knott’s Scary Farm Season Pass. We already published about this pass earlier this month, but some quick info: The pass is discounted for KBF pass holders, a parking pass can be added to it, and if you already have regular parking passes with your season pass, it’s valid during this year’s Scary Farm. 20150826_201841 (Large)

Next up were the shows, this year Knott’s Scary Farm hosts two shows, one being Elvira’s Asylum. Another action packed, dancing filled show featuring Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark. 20150826_202041 (Large) And perhaps the coolest Hanging ever… THE HANGING: STRAIGHT OUTTA CALICO! I’m very excited to see what this will be like this year. I absolutely love The Hangings each year, they are the-can’t-miss-shows at Scary Farm. 20150826_202128 (Large)

Next up were the Scare Zones of this year. Fiesta De Los Muertos returns. I’m personally not the biggest fan of this Scare Zone, but it’s definitely the best approach to a good use of Fiesta Village, and a party-like atmosphere which is a must-have for Halloween Events in the past years. 20150826_202330 (Large) Ghost Town, perhaps the best Scare Zone Anywhere? It’s foggy, super big, and in fact will be bigger than ever before this year. All of Ghost Town is used this year, and a new character is introduced. The doll-maker, to pay homage to the old Doll Factory maze… and to freak y’all out. 🙂20150826_202429 (Large) CarnEvil is also returning this year! I mean clowns… who doesn’t get scared of clowns. I’m sorry, but any clowns maze or scare zone just freaks me out. Clowns have never been associated with anything but terror for me. 20150826_202354 (Large)

Then there was a surprise ‘Look Under Your Seat’ Knott’s Scary Farm giveaway for 4 people… The price included two tickets, two Fright Lane passes, and two Fast Lane passes. Of course I didn’t find one under my seat. 😛20150826_202741 (Large)Jeff then moved to the returning mazes. Pinocchio Unstrung will return with a new Skeleton Key Room.  20150826_202904 (Large) And by popular demand, Black Magic is returning with an all new Skeleton Key room! 😀20150826_202910 (Large) Trick or Treat is returning with some significant changes, I’m not going to give these away as the maze is quite short of itself, and there need to remain some surprises of course! 20150826_202951 (Large) Forevermore is returning, with some updates scenes. I’m not a big fan of this maze, because you need to know your Poe to understand the maze. It is though quite long! AND… It’ll have a Skeleton Key room this year! (That, I’m super thrilled for). 20150826_203041 (Large) Voodoo, that crazy amazing maze from last year is returning with a new spin, a new theme, and a new Skeleton Key Room. This year’s theme is…. VOODOO: The Order of the Serpent… YES! I’m very excited for this maze, last year’s was incredible, and I’m confident it’ll be even better this year! 20150826_203124 (Large) Of course Toothfairy is returning after its 2014 success!20150826_203232 (Large) With a black-out feel-your-way-through section of the maze, a new finale room, and a strobe-lights room, a great maze will be even greater this year! Note that Toothfairy will have its own Skeleton Key Room this year!20150826_203321 (Large) Next up, the return of Special Ops: Infected… PATIENT ZERO. A whole new theme, twice as many monsters, twice the length, and upgraded guns. 20150826_203510 (Large) The designer of the experience himself came to share with us all the new features it has. And boy, Knott’s is again improving GREATLY. (Is that even possible?!). 20150826_203530 (Large) A personal favorite is returning, but remodeled with a new theme… The Gunslinger’s Grave: A Blood Moon Rises. I’m very excited for this maze in particular, especially since the real Knott’s theme is to be found in this maze, a Western feel, Scary Farm style! 20150826_204003 (Large)

They then moved to the brand new mazes of this year! You may have read my opinion of The Dead of Winter before, but here it is again… I LOVE THIS THEME. It’s different, terrifying, and just uniquer than anything! 20150826_204200 (Large) The designer of the maze shared some insights, the maze will not be dark, it’ll be a visually pleasing very bright contrasting maze with great theming and will be something that has never been done before. In addition… there’s a Skeleton Key room for it! (There are more Skeleton Key rooms than any year before, quite many this year!)20150826_204205 (Large) A little girl then came on stage, while a creepy lullaby played… 20150826_204415 (Large) Turns out, her and her dad were murdered in them mines. Damn. 😛20150826_204432 (Large) The Calico Mine Ride will be turned into the My Bloody Clementine for Scary Farm! 20150826_204458 (Large) The designer, Daniel Miller came out to tell us about it. The experience will feature actual actors/monsters, special soundtracks, special lighting, image mapping, and more. This will be one of the most advanced upgrades ever done to the Calico Mine Ride for any event! – I’m very happy to hear that, since last year I was a tad disappointed with the Calico Mine Ride overhaul for Scary Farm, because there simply wasn’t anything to it but some green lights, spooks and audio. The actors this year are a real treat! 20150826_204528 (Large) Next up was the brand new Paranormal Inc. Maze! The maze will be the first interactive maze with multiple different story lines. 20150826_204742 (Large)

After all the new mazes were announced… a steampunky machine rolled in with the WITCH ON IT! 20150826_205106 (Large) Turns out… she had seven new Scary Farm characters to introduce to us! 20150826_205125 (Large) The DEADLY SEVEN!  20150826_205256 (Large) Which concluded all the announcements! 20150826_205309 (Large) The little creepy girl came out, and Jeff Tucker appropriately ended the presentation. 20150826_205445 (Large) After which Media had a reception, with some awesome Knott’s Ice Sculptures! (They always make those for events, and it’s freaking awesome!). The food, as always, was VERY good. Thank you Knott’s! 20150826_210413 (Large)

That moment that an already incredible event manages to upgrade existing mazes, and introduce awesome new experiences, to become even better… That’s just (can’t find the word).. LOVELY! I can’t wait for Scary Farm 2015, and I’m sure you can’t either! Runs select nights September 24th – October 31st! New Scary Farm Logo 2014

Check out last year’s Knott’s Scary Farm Maze Reviews here! And some more in-depth info regarding the Scary Farm Pass, Dead of Winter, and the new Gunslinger’s Grave, click here!

We’ve got 4 updates coming your way this weekend, as well as an iCCK special… so you better stay tuned y’all!

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