Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – August 19th 2015

20150819_122821 (Large)The real summer crowds have disappeared as local schools are back in session, and the summer tourism is slowly dying down. It’s the time of year that serious Fright Fest preparations start. In this update, we’ll be looking at some general update-things around the park, such as the Superman refurb, as well as some landscaping, closed rides, etc. In addition, there’s some Fright Fest out there! 

Let’s start with recognizing the fact that it was a beautiful day at the park. Though humid, the park looked great today for some reason. 20150819_121938 (Large)The Street Fighter V game center is still open, it’s been here for about a month and 2 weeks, I’m curious when this promotion ends. 20150819_122201 (Large) Have you ever wondered why we can’t have nice things? Well, that’s because the one time Six Flags Magic Mountain puts in great themed pieces of scenery, teenagers ought to climb all over it… This young lady hopped the fence and was doing a little photo-shoot with her friend… security… didn’t seem to be around. Seriously readers, things stay nicer longer, if you don’t mess with it. 🙂20150819_123004 (Large) Staying in the area, the Screampunk District will be turned into a scare zone this Fright Fest. Appropriately named: Territory Twisted. Some of the lighting structures are going up now.  20150819_123203 (Large) 20150819_123221 (Large) The theater will not be used for the Total Darkness Maze this year, instead there’s an actual Fright Fest show this year. The show’s called Unleashed! and will be themed after its corresponding Scare Zone. 20150819_123244 (Large) The new Sinister Circuit in DC Universe will be a crazy light-filled fest, structures are arising already. 20150819_123351 (Large) 20150819_123411 (Large) 20150819_123421 (Large) Over in the Movie District, which hosts the Wastelands scare zone during Fright Fest, reconstruction of several parts of the Aftermath maze have started. In fact the speakers at the entrance of the maze were being installed as I passed by. Hence the ladder with two maintenance staff members 🙂20150819_123742 (Large) Now Aftermath is themed after the zombie apocalypse, but a real apocalypse is Apocalypse running only one train. 😛 20150819_130422 (Large) The Epic Rides gift store remains closed. Still unknown what’s going on, it’s been closed for quite a bit now. 20150819_130437 (Large) Speaking of closed… 😛 Tidal Wave is drained, and metal gates block the entrance and exit. Confirmed by the park, Tidal Wave is done for the season. 20150819_123833 (Large) Across from Tidal Wave, the Riddler’s Revenge entry plaza planters have been filled with new plants. I must say, for an area that’s seriously starting to show its age, the park refreshes the flowers and landscaping here very often, great to see!20150819_123802 (Large) Ninja oh Ninja. 20150819_130607 (Large) It cracks me up that the local Community College advertises throughout the park. I don’t like to think of Magic Mountain as THAT local. 😀20150819_130734 (Large) As you may know, Lex Luthor opened back up the day after our last update! So you were VERY most likely already aware 😉20150819_122628 (Large) The left side of Superman Escape From Krypton has reopened, still sounding a lot quieter, and yet actually reaches up all the way to the top. Great to see! 20150819_122821 (Large) Of course I had to get some rides in on Viper, because… You know we’re huge fans of this classic, last remaining, Arrow 7-looper. Having said that, between the storage tracks of Viper, and the lifthill of Revolution, the park’s currently removing trees and cutting branches. 20150819_131040 (Large) Let’s finish this update with a picture of the classic Sky Tower, that due to state regulations won’t open up ANYTIME soon, maybe never. And the classic Revolution that’ll be celebrating it’s 40th anniversary next year. Let’s see what the park will do to celebrate, if anything. 😛20150819_132258 (Large) Oh, and let’s stare at this GIANT Pretzel Loop for a little bit. 🙂20150819_132300 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! We’ve got lots of things coming your way, SOON!

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4 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – August 19th 2015”

  1. It’s truly sad to see that people don’t respect the theming at parks. My last trip I also saw people climbing all over the tractor, and I didn’t see one employee saying anything about it. It seems that the employees AND the guests don’t care. Oh well. I guess that’s a Six Flags day for you.

    1. Since it’s no longer recognized as an elevator, but an amusement ride (by the state) there’s a whole lot of regulations and certifications the elevators need to pass… The elevators are ready to go, but in no way equipped like an amusement ride, and thus the park can’t use it for park guests. New elevators would be too much of a cost, especially since it’s in no way considered marketable.

      1. If that’s the case then maybe it’s time to take down the Sky Tower and put a Sky Screamer (star flyer) in its place.

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