Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – August 16th 2015

image7 (Large)With the closure of Roar and the fact that we hadn’t visited the park in a few weeks, we returned to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and of course we’ve got the respective coverage for you. With new bus systems, getting stuck at the top of Sky Screamer, Fright Fest prep, and the closure of Roar, I’m sure we will have plenty to talk about.

As mentioned, the new fleets of modern, comfortable, air conditioned buses has finally been put into use, and are much preferable to the old overheated trams that used to transport guests from the parking lot.DSC_0700 (Large)

With temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it was a shame that White Water Safari was closed. This of course meant significant lines for the remaining water rides.IMG_1886 (Large)

Voodoo also remains closed, with very little signs of maintenance surrounding the ride. There is however a nice new semi shaded seating bench in that area, so that’s good news.image5 (Large)image4 (Large)

On the flip side, Tazmanian Devil has finally reopened, and was sporting its usual ten minute wait.image6 (Large)

Fright Fest preparation has started, some of it painfully blatant. In the midway leading to the Roar Plaza, there are some props set up for that area’s graveyard themed scare zone.image2 (Large) imagea (Large)

Stacks of steel beams are being stored in the closed path behind Toyota stadium, also home to a scare zone.DSC_0715 (Large)

Large stacks of wood are also being stored in the Slaughter House maze area, as well as the construction of some sets.DSC_0719 (Large)

More wood is also being stored behind Boomerang near the old 4D theater, which could be for Fright Fest, or…you know …Cough RMC Cough. Interestingly enough, many of the 4D theatre seats have also been removed and put outside, perhaps hinting at future expansion, although the park has said that it is key storage space.DSC_0718 (Large)

Kong is running only one train, but was still only a station wait. Today’s ride seemed a bit rougher than usual, but still tolerable.DSC_0731 (Large)

At the end of our cycle on Sky Screamer, the ride came to a stop at the top and we were left to dangle for about 20 mins. DSC_0725 (Large)I found it very cool, and even snapped some pictures of Medusa, but many of the people around us were much less happy. After we were safely lowered to the ground by maintenance the ride was briefly closed and tested before reopening. (We do not promote or advise the act of taking pictures/using mobile devices while on any ride. Due to the motionless 20 minute delay, we decided to take a picture of Medusa. In ANY other occasion, we would have not used any devices during our ride, and we advise you do not do so either.)image7 (Large)

Dare Devil was unfortunately closed for much of the day with maintenance doing some sort of work on the ‘track’.DSC_0723 (Large)

Roar of course had its last day of operation, and had a consistently sizable wait. The park hosted a party that included a DJ, prize giveaways, and free samples of Coke Zero.DSC_0703 (Large) DSC_0709 (Large)

We will talk much about the ride’s closure in our special article in the near future, so make sure to look out for that. It’s was a great coaster with a hopefully even greater replacement. 😉 image3 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this update! What would you like to see the old 4D theater being used for? Comment below and let us know!

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