Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – August 28th 2015

20150828_151710 (Large)I try to do a weekly update, sometimes that doesn’t work out. And sometimes there isn’t much to update on. Today was such day, there’s little to really update on, but enough to create a quick update. It was DEAD Empty by the way, one of those one-train days. Fright Fest prep continues, but more so backstage than around the park’s pathways. Normally we’d already see prep this time of year. But not yet… 

After the old one got pretty faded, there’s a huge new banner promoting season-passes is now awaiting guests’ arrival in the parking lot. 20150828_143038 (Large) The Full Throttle Plaza seems to have received some paint. Now, in all honesty, I am not a 100% if it was just that there wasn’t a single person when I walked into the plaza, or something. But it seemed freshly painted. 20150828_143704 (Large) The only tiny bit of Fright Fest we’ll be talking about today… The pathway to Red’s Revenge as well as the plaza housing the Toyz of Terror and Vault666 lines are receiving their light structures. Since there are no new mazes this year. I really hope that there will be some great upgrades in store. We’ll have to see. On that note, i don’t have clear pictures, but the Aftermath construction continues, as well as there’s some new themed elements coming to Chupacabra, that I spotted from down the hill. 20150828_143742 (Large)

Moving on to Superman: Escape From Krypton… Side A is running again, the one with the green car running on it. 20150828_151428 (Large) And the one day there’s noone at the park, it almost seemed if they were opening a second side, but they were just test cycling the other train. 20150828_151732 (Large) And the magical off-season-ish summer heat-stroke days are good for several reasons… including TWISTED COLOSSUS BEING A WALK-ON ALL DAY! 😀20150828_151710 (Large) Now… haters gonna hate, but I sure made sure to get a ton of rides in on Goliath too. 😛 20150828_151713 (Large) It was empty and a 106 degrees outside, I really wish they would’ve kept this perfectly air-conditioned arcade open…  20150828_153850 (Large) Across from the arcade was a one-train operating ride… Apocalypse. Where the rapid replacing of wood continues. I must say, I do like the extreme color change in wood. (It’s a different type of wood I’m sure). Only to imagine the entire structure looking like that. With the light and dark/orange. 🙂20150828_153751 (Large) Now, the crazy ‘We want you to ride Sling Shot’ promotion continues with several signs throughout the Apocalypse exit. 20150828_153833 (Large) Now, I get that they want to promote Sling Shot. Especially as it’s tucked away in the back corner of the park. BUT, Apocalypse remains to be one of the better themed rides, and signs like these kind of take away from that final experience as you leave. In addition, the upcharge for the ride, a bit too much for my liking. Lower the price a bit, and I’m sure ridership will follow. 20150828_153758 (Large) Viper, though entirely empty like X2 (and all other rides) was running two trains. And by now you probably know that I personally love Viper and that’s why I write about it frequently. 20150819_131040 (Large)And, I told you it was going to be a short one, last but not least… Bonzai Pipelines reopened after being closed yesterday and earlier today. Hurricane Harbor by the way, was even emptier. I didn’t even realize it was actually opened ’til half way passing the park on my way in. This week would’ve been the perfect week for you to visit! 😛 Come Fridays during Fright Fest, during the day it’ll be just as empty. 20150828_155233 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this update! Don’t forget, the Six Flags Announcements for the new 2016 additions are THURSDAY! And believe us, you’ll wanna be paying attention, especially to the Discovery Kingdom Announcements! 😀

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