The Joker Construction Update #11

DSC_0458 (Medium)Here we are folks, in the final stretch. Track has been completed, systems have been tested, and the opening date of May 27th has been announced. It’s amazing to think just a few months ago I was overjoyed to find track sitting in the parking lot, and now it has all been put into place on this absolute jaw dropper of roller coaster. Let’s see exactly how far we’ve come in our final The Joker update before the media day just a week or so away.

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

The all but complete Joker is a wonderful addition to the skyline. The bright purple and green really stand out even from a distance. In just a few days we’ll see trains traversing the twisted track.DSC_0466 (Medium)

The ever spectacular drop has been long since completed. I mean just look at that angle, what a strange yet beautiful shape.DSC_0457 (Medium)

The Step Up Under Flip is looking as insane as ever. This one of the elements I am most looking forward to experiencing.DSC_0456 (Medium)

The Zero G Stall shouldn’t be forgotten either. Anyone who has ridden Twisted Colossus knows how euphoric that sensation of floating upside down can be. The fact that this stall is also taller and longer should make for a great element. Note that they added wood below the top of the element and above the Asian Camel Back, presumably for maintenance and to prevent items that fall from people’s pockets in the Zero G Stall to fall onto the tracks below.DSC_0458 (Medium)

Of course the Breaking Wave Turn still looks incredible. The amount of reverse banking in this element is just not fair.DSC_0455 (Medium)

On the drop out of this element (which also looks great), there’s a large piece of brown colored metal that looks like some sort of support structure.DSC_0437 (Medium)

There is also a large stack of thick brown wood in the construction area. This could be very well be the location of the talked-about tunnel, but if you have any other guesses, comment below and let us know.DSC_0459 (Medium)

The over-bank near the bottom of the first drop also looks to be just a very smooth and drawn out turn. Should be a nice little break in pace, similar to the luge turn on X2.DSC_0344 (Medium)

The Asian Camel Back is another unique element on this ride, and as you can see, both hill should really eject riders into their restraints. The angles are steeper than you would think.DSC_0438 (Medium)

The Zero G Roll has been placed, and although this is comparatively a somewhat ho hum element, it actually looks quite spectacular.DSC_0426 (Medium)

The fact that it is so low to the ground and yet so close to so many other elements makes it look rather spectacular. In fact, it’s so embedded in the structure it’s even hard to find among the mess of track.DSC_0427 (Medium)

The dive element has also been placed since our last visit, and boy we can’t wait. RMC lead foreman Justin said this is his most anticipated element on the ride and it’s not hard to see why.DSC_0440 (Medium)

Rising into such a wonderful slightly overbanked turn should be one of the highlights of the ride. The last overbank towards the end of the layout is a lot lower to the ground then one might think and should punish riders with some pretty powerful positive G’s.DSC_0428 (Medium)

And after the last few newly placed elements, it goes into that steep airtime hill and then brakes. That’s it, The Joker’s track is complete.image6 (Medium)

The only workers on site were at the top of the lift seemingly doing some sort of inspection. It should be added, that all systems including the lift and breaks have been tested, and empty trains have already completed some test run laps.DSC_0416 (Medium)

Along similar lines, the green train is in the station, ready to go, while the purple train is on the storage track.DSC_0460 (Medium)

They are well underway on the station retheme and it’s looking pretty neat. It seems as though they are following the concept art they showed us last time very closely.image4 (Medium)

Both the station and transfer track house are being painted the fun house red and white, although the transfer track house has some way to go.

The theming elements for the station are onsite but not yet placed. Lying in the construction area you can see the giant clown face that will surround the entrance as well as the Joker chattering teeth. Very cool touches if you ask me.DSC_0430 (Medium) DSC_0429 (Medium)

Also, you can see the giant Joker sign that will dawn the entrance in the same area.IMG_1254 (Medium)

In addition, the queue has been expanded over by the entrance of the Superman, and they have begun painting the guard rails red. The poles you see will hold a new shade structure!image5 (Medium)

The building for the rides gift shop has been structurally completed, but it’s hard to tell much else as it is still behind fences.image3 (Medium)

Lastly, many of the signs for the ride have been placed including the sign directing Flash Pass and ADA riders. The Roar ADA elevator will be reused.DSC_0446 (Medium)

Also the signs warning riders of preexisting conditions have put up as well. I’d just like to point out it’s good to have another 48” height limit at the park for the younger kids.DSC_0424 (Medium)

Overall this coaster looks nothing less than stunning. I simply can’t wait to ride another RMC masterpiece at a park that very much deserves it. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has got a winner on their hands for sure.image2 (Medium)

And that’s pretty much it, our last ever Joker update. As I personally won’t be able to make it to the media day, I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for following our coverage of what is sure to be one of the greatest roller coasters in the world. Make sure you guys say hi to my good friends Sean and Ryan on the 25th, and have a great day. What are you most anticipating about this coaster? Comment below and let us know! Get out and ride this one guys, it’s going to take our collective breath away.

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  1. I hope they get the tunnel done in time with some lights, fog, and maybe even a movie quote. It’s really coming along and I am also glad to see that they teeth will move as you can see a small motor in the box beneath it. I hope that there is a bit more theming in the queue than just some TVs and I’m glad to see that it is shaded as it gets REALLY hot in the summer… I also like the almost flower like thing that is at the top of all the signs like the height limit sign and ride info sign… They’ve got a sizable amount of work to do, but I believe they can get it done by the 25th…

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