IAAPA 2019 – Day 2

Alexander: Day 2 of IAAPA is upon us! Time for more booth visits and more exciting details for 2020 and beyond!

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First: a quick stop at the RMC booth!

A very interesting offer for those who can get financed!

Beautiful texturing on the Iron Gwazi train is worth a 2nd look.

Skyline Attractions debuted another model in their controversial SkyWarp line.

This new potato chip-shaped model would be a good fit for parks with limited height to work with.

This model is quite the opposite, however; it’s even taller than Sean!

We revisited the ProSlide booth for some very important acquisitions: socks!

Zierer is lowkey one of the most underrated players in the game. Once an enthusiast reaches 100, 200, etc credits, don’t be surprised when Zierer Tivoli coaster make up a sizable chunk!

We learned that the flying theater we rode at Happy Valley Shanghai is actually a Huss. We also learned that the Topple Tower is still in their trade show catalogue despite having discontinued the product over client dissatisfaction.

The show floor is positively massive. It’s incredible the things they were able to fit in here!

Of course we needed another ride on Zamperla’s NebulaZ!

The video game / arcade area was full of activity! We revisited this area a few times to enjoy some free play on coin-pushers and claw-grabbers!

Atari booth! RCT 3, anyone?

At the Polin booth, we some of the industry’s wildest innovations on display! That transparent fiberglass slide piece on the left us a huge breakthrough; now entire slides can be completely clear, unlike with acrylic pieces that have to be bridged with fiberglass pieces.

Time Rider is a spectacular new concept from Polin – it oozes with an aesthetic unlike anything we’ve seen at water parks.

Of course, Polin has other beautiful slide models on display as well.

Their high-gloss, color-printed slides remain iconic within the industry.

Something interesting we noticed this year was a handful of park chains (Wanda, Lotte) exhibiting the in-house built rides that they’ve installed in their parks.

Here’s a Harry Potter-esque dark ride concept that Wanda produced for their parks. Now the design is for sale for non-Wanda parks.

Here we have a SpiderMan-style ride…

… and a CircleVision-type-thing also on display.

Legacy Entertainment is one of our favorites! They’re behind the designs for Chimelong’s next projects, including the highly-anticipated Chimelong Hidden Kingdom.

Lotte booth!

Lotte has a VR motion simulator set up for potential clients!

Train models demonstrate their eye for detail.

Lotte’s 2nd park, Magic Forest, is also a collaboration with Legacy Entertainment.

VR remains an overwhelming presence at IAAPA, with dedicated VR simulators making up easily 1/12th of the show.

A quasi-credit on deck is this motorized Zip Coaster! We didn’t ride because of the 1+ hr queue, but it looked neat.

Here we have the Oceaneering booth, the company responsiblenfor Sea World Orlando’s Antarctica-themed trackless dark ride.

More GCI love! Congrats on your steel track concept!

We went to the Golden Horse booth to tell them how much we enjoyed their coasters on our last China trip. They seemed surprised.

Look at thus water slide tower! Its approximately one(1) Sean tall!

The Sally booth is showing off audio animatronics for the new Garfield ride coming to Six Flags Zhejiang.

Triotech is showing off some details for the Beary Tales shooting dark ride at Knott’s.

As much as we love Voyage to the Iron Reef, the retheme is a great way to honor the park’s heritage.

Kern’s booth this year is a pirate ship!

Dynamic attractions is supposedly working with Universal on Nintendo Land.

While we didnt see any explicit indication of involvement, we did find this dueling coaster concept striking similar to what we saw in the concept for Universals’s Epic Universe.

More water slide-y goodness.

Sean’s planning his dream water park.

Speaking of which, Europa Park’s Rulantica indoor water park resort from ProSlide is almost conplete!

An unlikely star of IAAPA this year is this giant blue Fury325 plush, which will be availible at Carowinds this spring.

We found ourselves back in the arcade department for some Sonic the Hedgehog appreciation.

The pinball enthusiast in me was impressed with this table streaming setup.

The Peppa Pig enthusiast in me desperately wants to see this coin op ride installed at the Publix near my home.

Of course we made a stop at the Weigand booth!

They’re showing off their LIM racer water slide, which we greatly hope to see built. Credit or nah?

Moser is yet another booth with a full size ride on display!

Alright, one last arcade stop.

We finished up our time at IAAPA with another ride on SBF Visa’s “Big Air” looping coaster!

That concludes our website coverage of IAAPA 2019! Be on the look out for more convention media, including a dedicated Coaster Kings Radio episode, in the near future. Also be sure to check out our Day 1 at IAAPA coverage if you haven’t already!

In the mean time, get caught up on our China trip updates if you havent already!


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