Wuxi Sunac Land – 2019 Trip Report

Sean: Welcome to the next installment of our China adventure. One of the many reasons 2019 was the year of this tour was because of the giant amount of new theme parks opening up in China at the moment. In order to keep up we’re trying to hit new parks within a few years from opening. Wuxi Sunac Land opened June 29th of this year and is best known for their giant B&M Wing Coaster: Falcon. Let’s head in!

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Most Sunac Parks, much like the Oriental Heritage parks, seem to focus on the region’s history. For that reason the architecture, entrance, ride themes differ quite a bit between Wuxi Sunac Land and Guangzhou Sunac Land (the two of 13 parks in the chain we visited this trip). The entry plaza for Wuxi’s park was simply breathtaking.

Usually with infrastructure and buildings in the region they are usually much less appealing up close. The park seems to put forth an active effort of keeping everything clean and maintained.

To our surprise, the park’s preparation for opening was quite the undertaking. Several dozen staff members were busy cleaning, rearranging entry-queues, setting up security check points, etc.

Definitely a good first impression! Before we head in, I want to give everyone a quick reminder that the infamous Wanda theme parks are actually all Sunac now. The Wanda company invested a lot but couldn’t make ends meet. The Super-mall mega company moved its theme park operations to a holding company, appropriately named “Sunac China Holdings”. Some of the famous Wanda parks have been renamed, some still have the word Wanda in the name. Wuxi Sunac Land shares the complex with a mall that has been renamed to Sunac Mall, but the movie theater is still named Wanda. A lot of that seems to happen. Outside of the chain’s theme parks (most of which have a mall attached) Wanda Malls are alive an well (always PACKED) across the regions we’ve visited. It tends to only be the theme park complexes that actually saw significant name changes.

Alright! Enough of the technical stuff! We’re inside Wuxi Sunac Land and so far its stunning!

The winding ancient architecture houses gift stores, restaurants, snack stands and more. It leads to the park’s hub where we find the giant near-200 ft. tall B&M Wing Coaster!

To get to Falcon (or “Eagle Flying” as some of the signs say), we have to venture through the park’s family area!

The presence of Falcon is absolutely impressive! The park’s rock work is gorgeous and greatly highlight’s the park’s biggest thrill ride!

So far the park is still waking up, but that’s fair as we were actually the first guests in.

Falcon is not the only thing incorporated into the landscape. The park’s rather long obstacle course and rapids/slide/ride also share the lush atmosphere. More on those later.

Falcon opened about 30 minutes after park opening but it was worth the wait! We rode a total of about 4 or 5 times as crowds were light. The ride’s queue and station are nothing to write home about, so instead here’s a picture of myself posing with the train coming back to the station.

We’ll touch on the ride experience a little later on, when we’ll take a look at its majestic integration. Next we’re headed to the newest area of the park that none of our friends have been to yet!

The park’s steampunk/industrial themed area opened just a few weeks before our visit to the park and was by far the best area of the park. Home to a solid collection of flat rides, the area is home to great landscaping and atmosphere as well.

Every flat ride has their own beautiful marquee, queue and color scheme. Again, very impressive.

In the background is the park’s Dream Factory, which is home a brand new Zamperla Factory Coaster (prototype), however, the opening of that ride is delayed.

Luckily the few-days old Steam Racers (what we like to call Steam Roller) had just opened! We immediately jumped in line to get on!

The ride’s color scheme works fascinatingly well with the rest of the area and industrial aesthetic. It’s honestly rare for most parks out in China to have such a cohesive product.

See! We’re the first riders of the day! And good thing we made it over here so quick because after our ride on Steam Racers the coaster shut down for about 4 hours due to high winds and rain. For a minute we thought we just got on the only dispatch of the day, but luckily towards park closing we got a few more laps in.

Much of the area and Steam Racers‘ aesthetic is focused on art work, including the ride’s queue and immediate surrounding midway.

Gorgeous! Now let’s go explore the rest of the park!

For a second we had some hope that the park’s Dream Factory would actually be open, but we soon realized that they were still painting, putting the gift store together and Zamperla engineers were walking in and out of the building. Next time.

Another ride closed due to the high winds was the lantern inspired towers, but I don’t really think we missed much.

Now it’s time for one of the park’s best attractions! Instead of a traditional rapids ride or water slide, the park combined the two to create their “Raging River“.

With my best mandarin skills I acquired us some ponchos because the water looked gross, the ride very long, and the people considerably wet! The overall experience of the ride was actually great! Several mild rapid sections are interrupted by conveyor-belt lift hills and slide sections including the boomerang, some drops and helices. Overall a very fun and unique attraction.

Chinese amusement parks love getting you wet! So of course the park is also home to a shoot the chute! Named after a story of Duck Duck Goose. (Your guess is as good as mine on that one).

This must have been the worst weather we had all trip with frequent small rain pockets and high winds, which is why some rides like this awesome sword-themed drop tower remained closed.

Besides the park’s gorgeous rides and their integration, peaceful gardens also call Wuxi Sunac Land their home.

The park has a kiddie area, but also a large family area themed to flowers!

Ready for the biggest surprise of all? The Final Sea Battle!!!!!

It seemed like a major ride based on the marquee, so we ventured in. The queue is incredibly detailed, home to animatronics, show scenes, and millions of switchbacks. This must be the park’s signature ride…

And it was! The long ultra-HD dark ride was a mix between Island of Adventure’s The Amazing Spiderman and Shanghai Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. Absolutely stunning ride with both digital and physical scenes themed to an ancient Chinese sea battle. Absolutely in LOVE.

As we made the full circle around the park we started to get hungry, so we decided to take a few pictures of Falcon and grab some food.

I promise the best pictures and full ride review are on their way…


I present to you syrup and water mixed with food coloring! The best part of the drinks were the way they look, the setting we drank them in, and the fact that Alex enjoyed them enough to drink both of them for me.

Let’s take a quick snack break! Meet me on page 2 for way more coasters, reviews, amazing photos and delicious food!

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