Chuanlord Holiday Manor – 2019 Trip Report

Alexander: I hope you all like surprises, because this next park as a total surprise for us. We didn’t even know Chuanlord Holiday Manor existed until about 20 minutes before we called a taxi to take us there!

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Welcome to one of the most obscure parks we’ve ever visited: Chuanlord Holiday Manor!

This massive park uses a pay-as-you-go system that’s good for admission, rides, games, and even food!

The markets, activities, and attractions at Chuanlord are beautifully maintained and cohesive, and the foliage is amazing. 

This resort caters to varying populations of hotel guests both on and off property, as well as locals. The potential capacity for this place is off the charts, with dozens and dozens of indoor and outdoor attractions.

There are so many games and rides – and some games that are also rides!

Oh, and lots and lots of amazing food! I had grilled squid made fresh to order, and it was fabulous (I’m sparing you the photo. You’re welcome).

Now, Chuanlord technically has 9 credits according to RCDB. A majority of these, however, are not meant to accommodate people of mine and Sean’s size. Luckily, despite hysterics and heckling from ride ops, we were permitted to ride Jungle Squirrel, an amazing Guohui Machinery wild mouse!

Chuanlord was pretty quiet on our visit, but with every turn we were amazed by the polish and content this place has to offer. Did we mention they have dark rides?

They have FOUR of these little surfing coasters, and they only make up two of the 9 entries for RCDB (since they are a pair of “twin” coasters).

The park’s biggest coaster is a knock-off Maurer Sky Loop.

However, we both exceeded the weight and height caps for the ride. 

So we just walked around the ride and took pictures.

Same story for the knock-off double loop, double cork. TOO TALL!

However, the Golden Horse Self Spinning Pulley was a green light for us!

We video’d our entire experience on the ride. Check it out on our Facebook!

Sean’s lunch was a blast from the past – smiley potatoes that he enjoyed from his childhood!

After another lap around and some shopping, it was time to head to the Canton Tower!

Stay tuned for our next update! Until next time!

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