Horrorland Scream Park Update – November 10, 2018

Alex: Halloween was already a few days ago, but that doesn’t stop us to visit some horror fun! We made a final visit to Horrorland, the new scream park in Spain and we were greatly surprised by its evolution.

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This was my third visit to the park, the first ones were on opening weekend, while this last one was one weekend before closing. A month was enough for Horrorland to listen to their first costumers and improve all the items people complaint.

Long is the list of the new additions, but the more noticeable ones are proper speakers on the street featuring a set-list of rock tracks, as well as new lighting equipment that set a more appropriate atmosphere for the event. Just look at the first day (upper) vs our last visit (lower). Fog machines were also installed.

That made possible to create small shows almost every hour, both on the streets and on the main indoor area. From a zombie outbreak to a wedding with the corpse bride, all the shows were interactive with the guests. Therefore, the wait in line and the overall street ambiance was better than before. Here’s a little clip I was able to recover from my IG Stories 😛

New props were also added to the streets, mainly cars and trucks but also vegetation and some photo ops.

If you remember our last article, the haunted house Aquelarre was the disappointment of the day. But not anymore, the improvement on this haunted house has been massive. It was a whole different experience this time, tons of new sensory effects were added such as smells, water or speakers throughout all the maze. It was also noticeable the increase of actors, at least the interaction with them. Aquelarre this time was a huge surprise and I love how they managed to correct this much in such a short time. Congrats, this is the experience I was looking for 👏

Aquelarre was the most beneficiary haunted house but overall every single maze got some type of improvement. New sound effects and lighting impacts are maybe the most remarkable ones, it can be especially seen on Black Out and Clown Town. Small details that made the experience more complete, any new improvement is always welcome!

Matadero as always is the highlight of this park, I loved every single bit of it. An intense experience that is different from everything. The start and the final part are not for the fainthearted. A superb haunted house.

Also, this was a special day as our friends from pa-community.com presented an award to the park as “Best New Attraction in Spain”. You could tell the excitement on all the staff!

Source: @ocean83 from pa-community.com

We ended the day with a fireworks display, quite impressive for the place where is made I have to say!

To sum up, I’m extremely impressed by all the improvements made during this run. I don’t recognize the park from the opening weekend to now.

It was only a matter of time for the crew at Horrorland to fix all the problems inherent to an opening of a new park. They knew how to listen to the people, identify the issues and go for it. And I cannot be more happy about the result.

The future of this scream park is promising and they had a solid start. I’ll pay close attention to it because something tells me that is going to be worth. For now, they’re already working on a Christmas edition. See you soon… (I hope!) 🎄👻

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