Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – November 7th 2018

Sean: We’re back at Six Flags Magic Mountain where the park is quickly shifting between two of their seasonal events. Fright Fest just ended last week, but very few of that remains. With Holiday in the Park starting next week the park is slowly transforming into a winter wonderland. In this update we’ll also look at some other changes and operations around the park!

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Upon entry to the park, all the Demon’s Door scare zone theming has been removed and the holiday lights are appearing on the roofs of the Six Flags Plaza buildings.

The trees are also decked in lights already. These trees will all have brightly colored lights and show exactly how Six Flags Magic Mountain sets itself apart for the holidays. An action packed high-energy holiday event. 

Between the trees you don’t only see lights, but also coasters. Tatsu’s LED wheels train is hopefully running during Holiday in the Park too!

First stop is Samurai Summit! The Willoughby’s Resurrected maze facade and signage has disappeared and the maze will be boarded up again ’til Fright Fest 2019 preparations begin. 

After riding Ninja, I noticed that buildings down in Cyclone Bay are getting stripped of their exteriors and are receiving extensive refurbishments in preparation for West Coast Racers!

The rest of Samurai Summit, unlike anywhere else in the park, seems to still be in Fright Fest mode. 

Live it. Be it. Ride it. 

The West Coast Racers preview center and Extreme Zone shop were closed during our visit so I was unable to take a closer look at the construction zone, but I didn’t see any other significant changes from the Ninja station. 

New for this year’s Holiday in the Park is Merry Lane, which is located in Metropolis and features larger than life walk-through ornaments. 

I always though this area has too much concrete but for special events it really works! The ornaments haven’t been finished yet but I’m expecting lots of lights involved. 

There are several giant ornaments, and the area looks very impressive already!

Holiday in the Park starts on November 17th! We’re excited to see the results.

Riddle me this. Riddle me that… Some weekly love for the Riddler’s Revenge.

We’re starting an increased amount of Florida coverage soon, so be ready for more Kumba pictures, Riddler’s Florida Brother 

The Boardwalk is getting decked in festive holiday ornaments as well. Particularly the game pavilions. 

Rockin’ Universe is back for Holiday in the Park this year. This multi-display light show is one of the largest on the west coast and has been one of the park’s signature attractions since the first year the event launched in 2014.

Several million lights cover all the buildings in DC Universe for the light show.

A giant Christmas tree is under construction in front of DC Universe. Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom reopened, though right as I was trying to take a picture of it, it went down temporarily. 

Holiday in the Park preparations continue in the Screampunk District. Most of the lights have been installed already. All we’re really waiting for are the scenery pieces!


Twisted Colossus was closed for most of the week last week but has reopened!

Projectors for the projection mapping on the walls of the Gearworks Theatre have been installed. Don’t forget to check out Kwerkmas this holiday season!

Still can’t believe the sheer size of this maniacal flat ride. CraZanity is one of our favorite rides at the park!

Bugs Bunny World is home to this year’s Santa’s Cottage, the previous “My Furry Friends” store is being turned into Santa’s Cottage!

Next door the Full Throttle Sports Bar is getting its usual Holiday in the Park lights. 

Including projection mapping!

Another important area in the park this time of year is Winter Wonderland, which is located below Revolution.

Viper remains closed to my sadness. The park is still very active around the park preparing for its reopening. 

I miss the sound of it running through this amazing turn… 

This entire corner of the park is dead. Chop Six is usually closed on weekdays, and is the connector between Viper and X2.

X2 was open this past weekend for guests to enjoy but has closed again. Do not prioritize this corner of the park for now. 

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