Electric Ocean at SeaWorld San Diego

Atlantis Ignites is the event’s major projection mapping show on the Journey to Atlantis towers. Before the shows start music is playing in the area and several different patterns and movements are projected on to the towers. Be aware that that IS NOT the show! 

As long as the lights in the area and on the ride are on, and boats/ride vehicles of Journey to Atlantis are navigating the ride, the show has not actually started yet! Once these lights turn off you’re in for a treat! 

There is a 10 minute high-energy image mapping show that utilizes the flume drop of Journey to Atlantis and features impressive custom building-specific scenes as well as animal scenes showing off some of SeaWorld’s most beloved animals!

It is quite hard to photograph, but we were amazed by how spectacular this little image mapping show was. Definitely one of my favorite aspects of Electric Ocean. 

On our way to Cirque Electrique we passed by the School of Glow again! 

Electric Ocean’s best show is by far Cirque Electrique. This night time cirque show is completely over water, features about every single thing you could have imagined in a cirque show over water, and does so in the dark with nothing but black lights and light up suits. When it comes to shows I’m hard to please, I love Orca Encounter (and that’s about it), and I must admit this show is one of the few that I really enjoyed. I was in awe the entire time. 

The show starts off with several acrobatic stunts on the poles attached to the stadium before the performs dive into the natural water of Mission Bay and the rest of the show takes place entirely in and on the water. 

The show features a spectacular flyboard segment in the dark that I couldn’t believe was real. We sat in the back section of the stadium, pretty high up, and the fact that the flyboarding performer was up as high as we were at several times during his performance and then made his way back down to the water in the shape of a loop was just awe-inspiring. 

Flyboarding is quite impressive in broad daylight, now imagine this in the dark with the jets lit up. It is just unbelievable. 

If you needed just one single reason to check out Electric Ocean, this right here is all you need. The crowd was going crazy, I was going crazy, and for a second I forgot that all of this is performed on natural waters. Kudos to all performers. 

The show featured much more amazing entertainment, such as high diving, trampoline stunts over water (seen below), trapeze acrobatics, jetski stunts, you name it.  

For those familiar with the Cirque de la Mer shows that SeaWorld San Diego has presented for many years in the past, this is a vamped up version of the original shows. 

Here’s the finale shot of the show, too much to sum up in one. As where illumiNight didn’t impress me quite as much this show blew me away and should certainly be prioritized when checking out Electric Ocean. 

Ha! You probably thought we would be done by now! Wrong! The event has more to offer! SeaWorld San Diego has got you covered with a sign that tells you about everything there is to experience at Electric Ocean. We were running around the event as fast as we could to try and experience all that they had to offer!

Last but not least is Laser Reef! We couldn’t contain ourselves when after a long day at the park we ended up at Explorer’s Reef (the main entrance plaza) and there was a massive laser show taking place with thumping music, flying jellyfish, light up animals, smoke effects, people dancing. It was almost too much to take in. Laser Reef really was the icing on the cake for the event. And good thing it is on your way out because it is a can’t miss. If you’re a parent and are visiting with kids, you’re in for a treat. After Laser Reef, by the time you strap your kids into their seats in the car, they will be so exhausted they’ll fall right asleep. 

We took our finale Electric Ocean happy dance at the giant Electric Octopus in Laser Reef and called it the day. SeaWorld has certainly outdid themselves. In the world of big summer nighttime themepark events, SeaWorld created a very unique event that is a complete spectacular product. This is a must experience when visiting the park this summer, and if you don’t think you can handle an entire day at a park, come later and make sure to stay for this unforgettable experience. 

Thank you for checking out this Electric Ocean report! Another electrifying report is now LIVE, which is our Electric Eel report. Electric Eel is SeaWorld San Diego’s new coaster and is an experience at the park that can’t be missed. check out our Electric Eel report here!

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