Tripsdrill – Early August 2020

The addition of the two new Vekoma coasters gave us the need to travel and discover the amazing park that Tripsdrill is. That’s a little more than a month after the opening of their new coasters, we visited the park on August 8th.

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Tripsdrill is located in a valley and is kinda lost in the middle of nowhere but once you get you are welcomed by the duos of new coasters, Hals-Über-Kopf and Volldampf, both surrounded by the vineyards that characterize the unique side of Tripsdrill, yes they were a vineyard first!

HüK is looking magnificent from the entry and the colors match very well with the natural trees/ environment and it doesn’t look like a new-not finished-addition at all!

The park is very well-themed and maintained, look at the amazing gardening work with all the superb flowers in the alleys. The back of the park however has a gigantic space with grass between Mammut and Karacho so that guests can lay and rest or even take a sunbath! This is an amazing feature of Tripsdrill and it gives the impression that we’re at a simple park in the middle of a city but coasters around!

From here we have a wonderful view of Karacho, the park’s Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster! The ride looks very nice and the ride experience also is great! You start with an indoor section that I won’t dare to spoil despite being a very good start to the ride! Then you hit the amazing Gerstlauer launch that gives you a real kick to get at the top of the top hat!

The top hat delivers a decent amount of airtime and the rest if the layout is quite intense until you hit the middle-break run. Then you plunge into a decent airtime hill and hit a kind of useless turnaround, but the ride isn’t over because after that turn you enter the ride’s masterpiec, the dive loop!

I believe it’s one of the best dive loops out there, it is so whippy, wild and fast, it’s amazing. After that you go through a corkscrew and then hit the brakes. Overall Karacho is a very intense and good ride, however I would recommend to ride in the middle seats to avoid a nasty rattle and some bangs. The theming is also on point!

Just on the other side we have Mammut, a wooden coaster built by Cordes (the same company that built the prefabricated track for Intamin Wooden coasters) and it runs Gerstlauer trains.

Mammut has a very good layout design but since 2020 the ride experience has deteriorated a bit by a constant roughness all over the layout, and Gerstlauer lapbars sure don’t help either. The theming here is also on point with lots of photo opportunities around. The pre-show is also quite good!

Next to Mammut there is two more amazing rides: G’sengte sau, the first Gerstaluer Bobsled ever built and Badewannen Fahrt the Mack log flume! G’sengte sau delivers an amazing ride experience for a family coaster, intensity, wild drops and turns and even airtime! The coaster is surrounded by an amazing natural and themed environment.

As for the log flume, it is themed to … bathtubs! The ride gets you quite wet, but also features a strong dark ride component.

The park is also home to a solid Hafema Raft: Waschzuber Rafting as well as some good flat rides like a spinning antique cars themed to barrels of wine and even a Gerstlauer Skyfly : Flug-Duell.

Let’s get to the part of the report you’ve been waiting for; let’s talk about the two new coasters! The new area where HüK and Volldampf are located isn’t finished yet and the park announced that the theming will be added in 2021. However, the area looks very pretty already with the paths and trees surrounding a part of the two coasters. Volldampf‘s theming is somewhat there already, and the station building looks quite nice with a glass roof where you can admire HüK‘s train going over you into the roll!

As for the back part of the area, there aren’t too much trees yet and there is also a lot of concrete left to finish next year. This goes for HüK‘s station which is composed with only concrete walls and no roof yet. We can’t wait to see how beautiful the theming will be when it’s done!

Let’s get to the ride experience! Volldampf is a new model of Vekoma’s Family Boomerang and has a custom layout that will also be the same on Energylandia’s new family boomerang! The ride itself is tame and a tad forgettable but that’s a very good addition for families to enjoy!

There is also a theming element that Tripsdrill didn’t plan that invited itself on the ride!

Hals-Über-Kopf is a brilliant addition to the park and both Tripsdrill and Vekoma succeeded on this one, I’m a big fan of the new STC model. It has everything an invert should have: airtime, intensity, whippy elements, but also aerial elements! The fun factor of this coaster is very high for me! Moreover, the lapbars instead of OTSRs give an amazing feel of freedom that I’ve never seen elsewhere on an invert. It truly delivers fun!

Overall, Tripsdrill is a truly amazing park, cute, very well themed and maintained. More importantly with an atmosphere! We can’t wait to go back next to check out the finished theming on the new area!

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