Waldameer – Our First Visit

With theme park visits feeling especially therapeutic these days, any chance to hit a new park feels like a very special opportunity. The timing was right to finally visit Waldameer – during an ACE event, no less – and we had a great time!

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Waldameer is a tiny little park, but it’s STUFFED with great rides. Every corner is occupied.

Our first ride was Ravine Flyer III, a unique Miler kiddie coaster surrounded by flamboyant water features. As it turns out, water features are a big theme here!

Steel Dragon, Waldameer’s major steel coaster, is a great fit for the park. We love a good Maurer spinner, and Steel Dragon is no exception.

Here we have some of our friends modeling an unexpected highlight of the park: oddball hotrail dark ride, Wacky Shack. 

Another excellent non-coaster in the park’s collection is their Hopkins log flume, which, like Ravine Flyer III, is full of charming fountains.

The flume (and really the entire park) is full of charming landscaping.

Nothing like catching that white water in the afternoon sun!

Ok! So! Back to coasters – The 1951 Comet is an adorable family wood coaster. Totally gush-worthy. 

The ride runs two really beautiful PTC trains – they felt larger than Junior PTCs, but not quite as big as a standard vehicle. Maybe it’s just us? 

The trees that cover the ride look to be nearly 100 years old. Just glorious.

A ride on the skyride allows us to enjoy views of the park’s color and beauty from up above. 

Mature foliage, bright gardens, and freshly painted rides are the theme at Waldameer. 

The park’s Giant Disk’O (Vortex) has its own area of the park – it carries a nice presence in its exclusive, grassy corner.

I spy with my little eye: Waldameer’s biggest claim to fame!

No, not the Ferris Wheel (although this one has a particularly good view).

Let’s cut to the chase: Ravine Flyer II is the hype. Lofty expectations: shattered. 

This ride is pure witchcraft. I can’t imagine what a pain in the ass it must’ve been to get this thing built – hills 2 and 4 cross over a public road in a uncanny feat of civil-infrastructure circumnavigation. 

The ride is a smooth, ferocious machine that overwhelms riders with superb negative and lateral G’s.

The ride draws a lot of comparisons to Voyage, but we find that Ravine Flyer II is the superior ride; imagine all the best parts of Voyage strung together into a concise, remarkably smooth package.

And the views of Lake Erie from the two largest hills? Absolutely can’t be beat.

It’s nice to know that after nearly 15 years of hearing about this ride nonstop, my high hopes for the ride were more than exceeded. As for Waldameer itself, Ravine Flyer II is just the largest of many jewels in their crown. 10/10 would Walda-again.

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