Cedar Point – Trip Report Late August 2020

Never content with leaving “good enough” alone, we’re back in Ohio for more quality time at Cedar Point and Kings Island!

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We were very fortunate with weather on Cedar Point day. Spinoff from Hurricane Laura threatened to completely wash out the day, but we lucked out with a good 5 hours of picture-perfect weather.

This was our first time seeing Halloween decor at Cedar Point and we really love the look of it. So many details on those tombstones!

A majority of the coasters were open today; Corkscrew, Gemini, and Rougarou were the only ones that we noticed were down for the day.

While the major Intamins and Steel Vengeance still require access passes, all rides had short queues today! The forecast probably scared a lot of people off.

Top Thrill Dragster was having a very consistent day of ops before everything went down for weather. 

We did witness a rollback, but the turnaround was only a few minutes.

Of course, we waited around for a bit to see if we could film it rolling back a 2nd time, but no luck. We did enjoy photographing the ride, however.

We actually didn’t even ride Dragster this time; content with our ride on last month’s visit, we focused squarely on our favorites, Magnum and Maverick, as well as Steel Vengeance, which we didn’t get around to last time. 

Time to cross over into Frontier Town to hit the park’s 2 most popular rides!

So, if you know us, you know that our impression of Steel Vengeance is a little lukewarm.

We’ll be the first to admit that we’re very critical of rides in general – but we always keep our minds open every time we re-ride something. 

Steel Vengeance, we think, was running great for us. It was noticeably slower than our 2019 rides, and we actually prefer it this way. 

Rides like Steel Vengeance tend to eat up the course a little quicker than we’d like; it’s not as obnoxious as, say, the RMC Raptor coasters, but a slower ride on Vengeance revealed itself to be a more nuanced experience.

Iron Horse coasters in general really aren’t our cup of tea – especially the shin-snapping restraints on Cedar Fair’s installations – but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t love our Vengeance ride this time around. Qualities of the ride’s design that whizzed by us in 2019 faster than our peripheral vision could comprehend have a little more breathing room in the era of half-loaded trains.

Magnum also is seeing slightly less intense rides these days, and we’re once again appreciative. We welcome Magnum’s brand of pummeling (in contrast to Vengeance‘s), but milder Magnum rides no less enjoyable. 

We killed a lot of our time in the park today in Frontier Town. We think it’s the nicest area of the park by far, and the coaster lineup is solid.

We didn’t take any Maverick pictures this time around (our ride on it was perfect, per usual), but we did enjoy some photo appreciation around Cedar Creek Mine Ride.

I never have been this biggest fan of this clumsy little coaster, but our ride on Mine Ride was our most enjoyable yet (cumbersome restraints notwithstanding).

We’re big fans of this straightaway over the drop. Reminds us of water fowl coming in for a landing!

It’s also a pretty decently-paced ride, with two lifts, two elevated straightaways (for marveling over the ride’s staggering height, of course), and 4 distinct moments of momentous movement.

Not bad for 50 years old, right?

By around 3:20pm, staff began informing guests in line for 3:30pm access pass distribution that all of the rides would be going down for weather, and that passes would not be distributed.

Satisfied with the day’s rides, and with a 4 hour drive to Cincinnati ahead of us, we called it a day (but not before getting nearly washed away by a downpour as we entered the parking lot).

That concludes our CP coverage this time around; we’ll be back soon with our follow-up Kings Island update!

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