THE JOKER Update – September 19th 2015

image3 (Large)With the recent addition of Twisted Colossus, most Californian coaster enthusiasts know the euphoria that RMC delivers, and we were there every step of the construction process to keep you up to date. With the announcement of Roar’s conversion into the masterpiece that is the Joker, we at California Coaster Kings are here to provide you with frequent and detailed construction updates on what is sure to be one of the world’s greatest roller coasters, and we officially start that coverage today.

– Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you! –

DSC_0759 (Large)Considering the small amount of time it has been since the announcement of The Joker, a tremendous amount of work has been done. Most obviously, the drop after second elevated turnaround has been almost entirely removed, making for quite a dramatic looking drop.DSC_0764 (Large)DSC_0758 (Large)

Also removed is the latter half of the second largest airtime hill (soon to be the rumored “Asian Camelback”).image5 (Large)

The side railings on the pre-lift have been removed.DSC_0761 (Large)

The entirety of the brake run’s track and side railings has also been removed.image2 (Large)

The entire turn and the bunny hop just prior to the brake run have also been removed. Some of the lower to the ground elements have also been removed, but their location inside the structure makes it difficult to photograph.

Two large RMC cranes sit inside the structure, both of which have been working hard to remove track.image1 (Large)

On the backs of these cranes are piles of wood, as well as what appear to be green wooden boxes. We looked very carefully and it is not the I-box track. It could be anything really.

There are enormous piles of removed track sitting both inside the structure and between itself and Superman demonstrating how much work has really been done.image8 (Large)

Also in the area between the first turnaround and Superman are incredibly large stacks of fresh RMC wood labeled CA site.image6 (Large)DSC_0791 (Large)

Along that area as well, there are huge piles of nuts bolts, and steel cross beams that are used to support the I-Box tack.image7 (Large)

Lastly and most interestingly, in that same area there are two large fans, one green and one orange, as well as an american flag.image4 (Large)

That’s all for this update, it’s a shorter one due to the fact that construction hasn’t quite kicked into full gear, but update worthy nonetheless. Make sure to check back here in the near future as we continue to consistently cover the construction of this chaotic coaster throughout the rest of the process.

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So, what element on The Joker are you most excited for? Comment below, and let us know!

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