Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – September 20th 2015

20150920_152757 (Large)Today was a crazy hot day at Six Flags Magic Mountain, but also one FILLED with coverage! Fright Fest seems ready to roll with even temporary lines installed, and Apocalypse is turned into a maze-line-ride experience! Take a look at all the crazy changes around the park, and the retheme of Apocalypse for this Fright Fest, in this update! 

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Let’s start with the entrance of the park! Demon’s Door props have appeared. 20150920_145615 (Large) The fountain has yet to receive the flamethrower(s), they better not leave those out this year! 20150920_145630 (Large) The Maze Wristband Sales Center is being setup, though the prices are not yet shown at the booth. Non-Seasonpass Holders pay $20, Season Pass Holders pay $15, Gold Maze Passes are $35. 20150920_145644 (Large) The VooDoo Nights stage has been prepped!20150920_151037 (Large) See the bag around the taller part of the structure, that’s one of the two flamethrowers y’all! 😀 (We like fire).20150920_151044 (Large) The photo-op next to Pistachio Park has been turned into a #FrightFest one!20150920_151400 (Large) On to one of the two new Scare Zones, TERRORtory Twisted! Where at the entrance… there’s a vague box… we’ll have to wait 6 days to figure out what it’s for. 20150920_151632 (Large) Not many props have been placed in the Scare Zone yet, but this electrical chair one looks pretty twisted already! 😀20150920_151706 (Large) On to the second new Scare Zone! Sinister Circuit! Where all the lights have now been installed, including this bow that wasn’t placed yet, last week. 20150920_152006 (Large) The bases look pretty cool, the barrels fit the theme. I’m very much looking forward to this new Scare Zone! 20150920_152010 (Large)The themation of the Wastelands Scare Zone continue. 20150920_152259 (Large) And the lines of rope and fences has been added for the popular Aftermath maze. Just in advanced readers, this maze is worth the wait! 20150920_152332 (Large) On top of Samurai Summit the line for Willoughby’s Resurrected has been placed. 20150920_154308 (Large) Same goes for the line of Garden of Darkness! 😀 20150920_154323 (Large) The famous hearse has been placed on Exile hill, which is the Scare Zone on Samurai Summit. 20150920_154348 (Large) The Nightmares Scare Zone is adding some props, still missing a few things though, I feel. 20150920_153453 (Large) Regarding the only non-Fright Fest related thing in this article… The New Revolution’s progress hasn’t quite changed anything from last week, besides all the trains being off the tracks now. 20150920_153820 (Large) And last BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, is The Shadows of Evil – The Ride! Six Flags Magic Mountain and Call of Duty Black Ops 3 present the temporary makeover of Apocalypse for this Fright Fest season, and it looks incredibly awesome already! Let’s take a look!20150920_152757 (Large) There’s a great amount of theming, especially for this cause, many places in which scare actors can easily hide! 20150920_152806 (Large) On both sides of the entrance Black Ops-esque screens have been placed. 20150920_152824 (Large) You supposedly enter the Morg City (as stated on the Fright Fest 2015 park map). And they’re to escape the ‘scary encounters’. 20150920_152830 (Large) A lot of theming has been added for it actually. 20150920_152839 (Large) It even has some maze-esque aspects to it. For example the very first set of switchbacks has black sheets hanging around it. We’ll see what that means in 6 days. 20150920_152856 (Large) Ahead in line, there are several small sheds, that clearly host a hiding spot for actors! 20150920_152923 (Large) 20150920_152931 (Large) I wasn’t actually going to wait out the line (one-train operations), but in the 2nd and 3rd set of switchbacks there’s a lot more theming. In addition, there’s a ton of stage lighting everywhere, I really think this is going to turn out great! 20150920_152938 (Large)Try focus on the background, as you enter the pre-show buildings there’s more theming and walls and sheds, etc. So be aware that the line alone is quite an event this Fright Fest! 20150920_152949 (Large) We truly can’t wait for Shadows of Evil – The Ride! 20150920_153059 (Large)

Thank you for checking out this update! Make sure to comment your thoughts below of the Shadows of Evil- The Ride transformation for this Fright Fest!


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