The 7 Ports of Tokyo DisneySea

Lost River Delta

Tokyo DisneySea is home to Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull. This installment is very similar to the Anaheim version, but perhaps is even better. The queue is more polished, the ride itself is more polished and relies less on blacklight paintings. This version takes place in Mexico on the river delta, and thus the snake on the ride is an Anaconda. It’s details such as these that make for not only a different, but also a better version of the dark ride. 

Another “better Indiana Jones” at the park is the Raging Spirits roller coaster. This clear copy of Paris’ Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril, features a lot more scenery, effects and aesthetic. The ride isn’t anything to write home about, it may be an exciting attraction for locals but fails to deliver in many ways. Disney knows how to create a good thrill ride, this is not one of them. Luckily Tokyo Disneyland next door has several great coasters. Don’t come to this park looking for that. 

A fair warning to the people in line, though the ride looks tame and is tame, it does feature a loop!

The ride’s true winning factors are the many fog and fire effects. Because I must be honest, get me fire or fog effects on any ride and I am inclined to love it. Eye-candy!

Especially at night Raging Spirits looks awesome, and it does just that… it looks awesome, but then we continue walking to Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage.

Mermaid Lagoon

Next up is the most fictional port of them all, the Mermaid Lagoon! Home to the indoor and outdoor world of The Little Mermaid!

Let’s explore outside first! The park’s other coaster is a small Togo kiddie coaster with a rather simplistic layout. Though it may not seem too special, the ride is very nicely integrated with the area and is quite cute.

Besides, the ride also offers a fun little alternative experience to the usual Vekoma roller skaters! It is our favorite coaster of the two, for sure!

The aesthetic of the are is great, Tokyo DisneySea features 90% realistic landscaping, buildings, rivers and lakes, and this area is the one that reminds you that you’re in a fantasy world after all. 

The most significant thing about the area is the indoor section, featuring a show venue, gift stores, restaurant, and rides of course!

At night the area is beautiful too! But there isn’t a single DisneySea area that isn’t stunning at night!

What do we see there off in the distance? Oh! It’s our beloved Arabian Coast! One of our personal favorites!

Arabian Coast

Located furthest way from the park’s entrance is a forgotten cove, the Arabian Coast. Home to several rides, food  and entertainment. The area offers a nice view of afar attractions.

And other parts of the park offer a wonderful of the beautiful Arabian Coast from afar.

Let’s go in and explore! 

There is much more to the area than initially meets the eye. There is a plaza with games and unique souvenirs for example.

As well as a food court with amazing curry! The theming within is quite awesome too, but I mean that is not a surprise at DisneySea.

We spent 3 full days at Tokyo Disney Resort and got Curry at the resort 3 times. For some reason this amazing Curry offering I did not find at any other resorts! 

Besides a major show, Caravan Carousel is the world’s largest double-decker carousel, nicely tucked away far into the park!

Now one of the reasons we LOVE Tokyo Disney Resorts is their never-ending popcorn collection! One of our favorites, naturally, is the Curry flavored popcorn!

Besides amazing popcorn and curry we also have our favorite Tokyo DisneySea ride in this area: Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage!

The amazing underrated Disney dark ride takes you on a journey with Sinbad and his tiger Chandu through several parts of the world to India and back. 

Not only is Chandu the best character out there, in our opinion, the ride is also home to over 150 audio animatronics and an amazing musical score by Alan Menken!

This is such a unique, charming, lengthy ride that hits you right in the heart. We have ridden this dark ride several times in a row because we just couldn’t get enough! Really make sure you prioritize this on your trip to Tokyo DisneySea!

And so we say goodbye to the Arabian Coast! 

Mysterious Island

Last but not least we venture to the amazing Mysterious Island, the park’s best-known area, home to the Jules Verne aesthetic and one of the best dark rides in the world.

Within the Mysterious Island there are shops, restaurants, and 2 major dark rides. One of which is 20,000 Leagues under the sea. A suspended dark ride through a fictional underwater world.

AND Journey to the Center of the Earth!

Which doesn’t just have a very impressive queue….

But also utilizes every bit of the Mysterious Island, even though it doesn’t look like that off-ride. 

After some amazing scenes and special effects, riders make a quick spiral up the volcano to fly out with some great airtime!

Isn’t this ride pretty?!? This ride is definitely the most impressive attraction at the resort and is a must-ride. In fact, be there by opening, get a FastPass for it and then jump in line! 

Just like all areas in the park, Mysterious Island is a different experience at night. An erupting volcano on a Jules Verne island. It is breath taking… and with that we finish our report.

Thank you for joining me on this journey around the Seven Ports of Tokyo DisneySea, perhaps not the best Disney Park, but definitely the prettiest.

4 Replies to “The 7 Ports of Tokyo DisneySea”

  1. Love your update and your beautiful photos. If only that park had an amazing coaster. Did you leave out mentions of Toy Story Mania!, the Electric Railway and Jasmine’s Flying Carpets for a particular reason? I can understand leaving out Jasmine, but the other two? Since I’m sure you’ll get back there again before I do, can’t wait to see your report on the upcoming Neverland, Frozen and Tangled lands and attractions.

    1. Mainly because we failed to capture them in good photos. Though Toy Story Mania is important to the local audience, it isn’t particularly unique among Disney Resorts, same goes for Jasmine’s flying carpets. Electric Railway I really enjoyed though, thanks for the note!

  2. I enjoyed reading this report a lot. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures of TDS. You end the report on the note that TDS is “perhaps not the best Disney Park but definitely the prettiest.” I haven’t visited TDS, but I always thought of it as the best Disney Park. What do you think is the best Disney Park?

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