Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update – Late December 2018

Derrion:  Its always great when I have free time to visit the park. This was a quick trip but none the less it was very special because Viper is now open. Let’s take a look.

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The entire reason for today’s visit, Viper! The last of the arrow7-loopers lives on! I was super excited to ride on this visit, but it did takes some time to do so. This was the very first time that I have experienced Viper‘s queue line reach the entrance.

The line was a minimum 30 minute wait at 11:30 am. I decided to do what any park enthusiast would do and take the single rider line. The signage at the entrance of the attraction stated that the single rider line was active for the day.

There are two separate single rider lines. One of them feeds into the normal queue and the second wraps around towards the exit of the coaster. Unfortunately, this day we were told by ride operators that there is no longer a single rider line post refurbish of the attraction. Guest visiting this attraction should disregard the single rider line signage as of now and enter the main queue line. I hope Six Flags Magic Mountain changes this soon to avoid further confusion. It was a semi-busy day in the park and the bottom portion of Viper’s station was almost full. 

It should also be noted that  there needs to be more employees at the bottom of the station to prevent line jumping. The queue line was very disorganized and guest would read the signs to line up in the other lines that directed them to various sections of the train only to be told by the ride operator that the attraction only had one line and had to be directed back down the stairs.

Once I was actually able to ride, it was as though all my previous critiques went away, for the moment. The ride was running great and there were not many noticeable on-ride changes to the attraction. There are new OSTRs and there are no seatbelts, which help a bit.

Viper’s Arrow cousin X2  was closed at the beginning of the day but re-opened shortly after I finished riding Viper and was no more than a 15 min wait at 12:00 pm on a Sunday in December. I love that Baja Ridge is back to its former glory and diverting more guest to this side of the park.

Over at Rapids Camp Crossing, Roaring Rapids is currently down for the remainder of the season for its annual refurbishment. This attraction will return in the parks 2019 season.

The entire Cyclone Bay area of the park is still closed for the future construction of West Coast Racers and the re-themed “LA- Urban Centric” Area. It may be hard to see in this photo, but Apocalypse track after the fly through has been replaced.

Construction progress is moving forward continuously for the 2019 project. This time around the dirt mounds are less and less, which means the foundation for the new attraction and buildings are almost in place to begin placing footer and supports.

More of the concrete that once was the foundation for the many of the mid ways games is starting to be up-rooted. This section will be the place of the new West Coat Racers station.

Taking a look in the new West Coast Racers preview center, I noticed that the concept shows only one Marquee entrance/exit to the newly themed area. 

We are almost positive that there will be another marquee entrance/exit to the area near the former Kickin’ Chicken restaurant.

Another restaurant in need of refurbishment is the Plaza Cafe at the entrance of the park.  I decided to go and pick up a snack and to my surprise they were not able to warm up my blueberry muffin but they did provide guests with a microwave to warm any of the pastries they sell,  which was neat.

The dining area however was not so neat. The tables were very old and did not look clean.

This is a perfect place in the park to come and relax as it overlooks the main plaza , and the ambiance of the water fountain is therapeutic. The tables, chairs, and area should match this ambiance. There was so much trash in the dining area that it was not comfortable to dine. 

It hurts me to speak about Six Flags Magic Mountain like this but I do believe this will help the park notice its area of improvement. On the bright side, it was cool watch Tatsu fly in and keep me company. Its always fun to hear the excitement of the guests on this last helix.

Another fan favorite, including mine, is Twisted Colossus. Back from refurbishment, I was able to get a ride on the purple train . The ride experience was so smooth. It also was great that the park added safety pouches to all of the train for guest personal items. I loved that I could experience the ride without worrying if anything would fall out my pockets.

The purple train also received new lap bars. They were a little difficult to get in and out of the train, but they were more comfortable once locked in place throughout the duration of the ride.

I was able to squeeze in a delicious meal at Twisted ‘Wiches before leaving the park. Located in the Screampunk District, the Italian sandwich I had was very tasty and fulfilling. If you have don’t have one yet, the season dining passes are such an amazing deal. Six Flags Magic Mountain currently has a New Years sale on season admission and dining passes until 1/1/19. 

I got a chance to see Kwerkmas this holiday season and it is always a wonder how talented the performers are. Kwerkmas is a part of Holiday in the Park which ends 12/30/18, be sure to check this show out before the holiday celebration is over.

It is truly amazing the amount of hard work and creativity that Six Flags Magic Mountain has done to make Holiday in The Park a success year after year. I solute the consistency to provide exceptional decorations, festive foods, amazing Christmas lights and of course outstanding performers.

Thank You all for reading our park update . Be sure to check out our other reports, including a brand new update about Six Flags Over Georgia! In addition we launched a new brand-wide Twitter, make sure to follow! Until next time Coaster Royalty.

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  1. We went on Christmas Day, mostly for Viper also. The dispatch time was terrible; they were running two trains and stacked every time. I noticed the lift hill chain stops in between dispatches, which I don’t think happened before. Viper did seem smoother to us, but all of the coasters seemed smoother, especially Revolution (like glass). Maybe they run smoother in cooler weather? It was 50 degrees.

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