Six Flags Over Georgia – Report December 22nd, 2018

Sean: Just a few days ago we ventured to Six Flags Over Georgia for some quality coaster time and of course Twisted Cyclone. We had a great day at the park and operations were surprisingly amazing, join us below!

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The first ride of the day, of course, was Twisted Cyclone. We made it to the park by opening and hopped right on to the new RMC coaster. It is certainly much different from other RMCs, and in a good way.

Twisted Cyclone is small. Very small. Not only is the ride layout quite short, the ride itself is also quite small and lacks height. Doesn’t usually sound for a mind-blowing experience… on Twisted Cyclone however it allowed for a very unique coaster design that’s snappy, yet smooth, not overly intense.

The first drop has a nice kick to it as the train dives down at a steep angle but also makes quite a rotation to line up for the unique reversed cobra roll. Which is two inversions back to back, much like a step-up under roll followed by an inverting drop.

After the unique first two inversion on the ride, Twisted Cyclone features a long outward banked wall turn that is a big element off-ride, but is short and snappy with the speed at which you travel through the element.

Sideways airtime for the win!!

It wouldn’t be a true RMC though if it didn’t break down right after opening. Luckily after we got off the coaster.

The next element is a breaking wave turn, much like Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Joker, except smaller, tighter and no outward banking. It glides along the element so nicely!

The trains by the way are gorgeous. They are very clean, look classic yet have such a nice modern and sleek appeal. Twisted Cyclone definitely has our favorite RMC rolling stock.

We rode Acrophobia next, though the seats no longer tilt, much like Movie Park Germany’s version of the ride. I wonder if both parks just gave up or if it was an Intamin decision.

One of our favorite attractions during Holiday in the Park is the sky ride, which takes you down to the closed section of the park and back in one ride! Two rides in one!

Open for Holiday in the Park is the DC Super Friends area, one of the better kiddie areas out there!

Not open is the Joker Chaos Coaster, but we’re not the biggest Larson Loop fans anyways. Next!

With Blue Hawk being closed during Holiday in the Park, our next favorite is the wonderful Mind Bender, and to our surprise that too was running two trains with hardly any stacking!

This classic Schwarzkopf looper is still one of the best coasters ever made, wonderful layout and of course its glass smooth.

Everyone on the train seems to be enjoying themselves as much as we were.

Time for Batman! Batman: The Ride is a popular attraction for the Georgia Six Flags park, the operations were immaculate as trains were fired out without the need for them to wait on a brakerun, something I have never seen on a Batman clone. Only a few hours in we had ridden all coasters, thanks to these lovely operations.

Oh hey Mind Bender!

In the middle of the park we find Goliath, one of the weirdest located Hyper Coasters. The strange layout is lovely! 

Daredevil Dive is always a capacity nightmare, so we didn’t ride. BUT, we did notice that the park has repainted the lift hill structure, the rest of the ride is unpainted and looks faded. To be fair, I kind of enjoy the way it looks. 

Of course we rode Lil’ Riddler, a.k.a. Georgia Scorcher!

Much like Riddler’s Revenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Scorcher runs particularly well and much better than other stand-ups. Though the lack of a much-needed repaint makes me think the ride may be receiving a floorless conversion at some point in the future.

We weren’t planning on riding Superman: Ultimate Flight, but thanks to the great operations we decided to give it a shot. We got on in no time! Riding this after riding the big-4 B&M Flyers all in the past few months made me appreciate the mildness of the SUF clones.

Goliath was running alright, a little vibrat-y for my liking but there’s no denying that the amazing layout makes for a great ride. The pacing is also pretty immaculate.

I am surprised that the helix turn-around, my favorite element on the ride, hasn’t been done again on a B&M Hyper.


On our way out of the park a security guard tried telling us we could not take pictures of the coasters with our camera, which is a standard camera. So here we have… pictures of coasters for you. Because that’s a ridiculous claim. (Taken from the public walkway from the entrance to the parking lot)

We have ridden a lot of B&M Hypers in the past few months, and though Goliath doesn’t particularly stand out among them, it is perfect for the space and height they had to work with. Definitely one of the park’s best coasters.

And here is one more shot of the 2006 Hyper <3

That’s it for this quick report, thanks Six Flags Over Georgia for running a much tighter ship this weekend than we’re used to from you!

Thank you for checking out this new Six Flags Over Georgia report! We have lots of new content on the way, stay tuned!

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  1. Nice!! Glad to hear that the operations were so improved for this time of year. We went when they first started back doing the holiday time events, and they definitely had room for improvement 😉

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