The 7 Ports of Tokyo DisneySea

Sean: The last Disney park we had yet to publish about was Tokyo DisneySea, a park I’ve personally ventured to on two occasions this fall. You can say we saved the best for last because without doubt is this one of the best theme parks on Earth, many even consider it to be the best. Period. Join me as we take a look around the magical 7 ports of Tokyo DisneySea!

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Having visited the excellent theme park twice in September/October, I really got the opportunity to experience all the park had to offer, take in the atmosphere and experience what Tokyo DisneySea is all about. We’ll be taking a look at each of the 7 ports of the park, and what makes each of them so amazing!

Mediterranean Harbor

We will start our adventure right at the front of the park! The park’s entrance is also home to the park’s on-resort hotel, Hotel Miracosta. When passing under the hotel, we enter the most beautiful theme park on Earth… Tokyo DisneySea.

The first view you get is the Mediterranean Harbor lagoon, home to dining, shopping, and shows on the lagoon.  The park’s iconic Mysterious Island volcano paints an unforgettable backdrop.

The giant size of the lagoon allows for plenty of viewing space for one of their many water-based shows. The atmospheric value of this is amazing. Just walking or standing around the lagoon during showtime is an attraction in and of itself.

Early next year (2019), Tokyo DisneySea is opening Soarin’ in the Mediterranean Harbor themed to DaVinci’s flying machine. This installment is wonderfully integrated with the theming of the harbor and will feature four DisneySea-only scenes. This will be such a perfect new addition to the park and will be the first signature attraction in that area of the park.

Speaking of the flying machine, the Fortress Explorations attraction is also part of the harbor, and is a giant walk-through with smaller attractions within. 

From on top of the fortress you get a great view of the park’s famous dark ride: Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Inside many awesome attractions await, all of which are interactive. Have a couple of spare Yen on you? Travel the seas with a mini ship!

At night the fortress is an essential part of Mediterranean Harbor, not only providing amazing views from the fortress, but also creating an important backdrop in the area.

Hotel Miracosta too looks beautiful at night, and I bet that those who can afford a harbor-view room would agree that Tokyo DisneySea is one of the best theme parks to visit at night. 

Across the harbor we see the Hightower Hotel at the American Waterfront, home to Tokyo’s special Tower of Terror!

One of our favorite meals of the trip was at the Mediterranean Harbor, where we had some great Italian food with a view.

Vesuvius erupts a couple of times an hour, which of course is particularly stunning at nighttime.

Tokyo DisneySea is also home to an installment of Fantasmic!, a spectacular far-superior version that all takes place on the lagoon.

And if you’re looking for one more adorable attraction in the harbor, the Venetian Gondolas will do the trick! 

American Waterfront

On to the American Waterfront! Home to the Hightower hotel!

Tokyo DisneySea’s custom installment of Tower of Terror is not only stunning, it also features a much different story.

The story of Mr. Hightower and his prized possession that is bound to cause havoc. 

The different story is actually quite terrifying, although the ride itself is not. The ride lacks the intensity some of the other installments have, and is rather short.

The terrifying pre-show is enchanting and really emphasize on the difference between the other installments and this one. Once on the ride, you may be lucky and get an amazing view of downtown Tokyo!

Our favorite attraction at the American Waterfront? The Toy Story Alien Custard Dumplings. A mouthful… of deliciousness. 

All around the park there is entertainment, and people at the Tokyo Disney Resort are here for it!

The American Waterfront is where the popular Duffy character is from, and thus the meet ‘n greets have longer lines than some of the rides! 

Let’s take another look at this pretty attraction!

All around the resort people dressed up for the Disney’s Halloween Time event, and much in Japanese fashion that was taken very seriously! We had a great time taking pictures with some of them!

The area is also home to a giant steamship, home to shows and the Stitch Encounter

The Hightower Hotel looks fantastic at night as well, and features lightning effects that interact with the dropping ride vehicles!

Port Discovery

One of the park’s infamous ports is Port Discovery, pretty much what you would imagine to see at Disneyland Paris’ Discoveryland if you were to add a port themed section! One of the rides is the newly refurbished Nemo & Friends SeaRider!

The ride used to be StormRider but recently reopened as a Nemo & Friends themed attraction, including a grand pre-show before everyone heads into their submarines.

Our favorite ride in the area is definitely Aquatopia! The ride is a trackless attraction in a low bit of water thru rocks and effects, in the summer it is set up to make riders wet! We rode this ride several times in a row and had so much fun!

Join us in part 2 for the Lost River Delta (Raging Spirits roller coaster), Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast and the spectacular Mysterious Island (home to Journey to the Center of the Earth)!

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  1. Love your update and your beautiful photos. If only that park had an amazing coaster. Did you leave out mentions of Toy Story Mania!, the Electric Railway and Jasmine’s Flying Carpets for a particular reason? I can understand leaving out Jasmine, but the other two? Since I’m sure you’ll get back there again before I do, can’t wait to see your report on the upcoming Neverland, Frozen and Tangled lands and attractions.

    1. Mainly because we failed to capture them in good photos. Though Toy Story Mania is important to the local audience, it isn’t particularly unique among Disney Resorts, same goes for Jasmine’s flying carpets. Electric Railway I really enjoyed though, thanks for the note!

  2. I enjoyed reading this report a lot. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures of TDS. You end the report on the note that TDS is “perhaps not the best Disney Park but definitely the prettiest.” I haven’t visited TDS, but I always thought of it as the best Disney Park. What do you think is the best Disney Park?

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