Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – December 29th 2017

Sean: I may live next to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and visit quite frequently, but with the holidays, travels across the country and the state, it has been a while that we actually got an update for you all. But with the park being open every day from now on, those updates will be pouring in all 2018 long. Let’s throw in a late 2017 update to end yet another year of updates around the state. In this update we’ll look at the construction zone, some notes around the park, and the park’s new entrance sign they placed today!

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Let’s start off with the trash that we continuously encounter on the parking lot at the park, the majority of trashcans were overflowing, and it’s noon, it makes your park look quite trashy before people have even entered. Unfortunately this is a common sight, I guess that’s something they should really improve upon. The good news is, the update can only get better now we have this note out of the way. 

Oh look! The update already got better! We witnessed the rarity that is two Twisted Colossus trains racing. Really we tried getting another shot, but after standing in the parking lot for over 20 minutes with zero trains racing we were done waiting and moved on. I’m glad that the ride is back to operating with three trains as of this week, but they really have to get that dispatching down again, or find another way to have trains race more often. 

Getting to the front of the park, the new sign for the park’s entrance was under construction, which has not been replaced in a long time. 

The park is really moving towards resort status with their 365 days per year operations, and thus it was time to replace to 90s entrance sign. The sign is simplistic with just the Six Flags title and the new Six Flags logo above that. Which looks great!

Bye Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor sign! (Which was welcomed when the park’s second gate/water park opened in 1995).

Here’s the chain’s current logo, with waving flags, which was introduced a few years back. 

The old blue and white Six Flags logo was just removed as we passed by. Makes me wonder if they will fix up that Six Flags California sign next to the I-5 free way.

Inside the park, Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom remains closed. The ride is definitely a maintenance pain, as they’re always working on keeping it running, a shout out to the park for doing such a great job keeping this ride open almost as consistently as some of the classic coaster they have. 

Speaking of classic coasters, it is a gift to have The New Revolution operating with two trains and no VR. As the park calls it, the Classic Revolution. <3

Nearby people still can’t stop playing with and destroying the faux snow, so the park has created special signs to prevent (to an extent) people from ruining the Holiday in the Park decorations. 

The park was actually really busy today, with lines like that of Jet Stream being 45 minutes long, and even lines like that of Ninja completely filled. The park did seem to run their rides at best possible winter capacity, including both sides on Superman and both Dare Devil Dive sky coasters.

Interestingly enough, after years of overgrowth and weeds dominating this little Thrill Shot plot, it seems to have been cleaned up. Now I want an Aqua Splash that interacts with Jet Stream boats. That seems like a lovely idea. 


Just the Boardwalk/ CraZanity construction zone. The side of the hill that the pendulum will swing over has been cleared and provides a unique view at the last remaining Metro track.

More markers are in the construction area, which has pretty much been cleared entirely and offers a very unique and exciting look at the Superman Escape From Krypton launch track. 

The construction zone is quite large, and the Six Flags Magic Mountain unique 170 feet tall version will fit nicely here. Let’s hope they take out that basketball hoop game. Other than that, all I really hope there is not an abundance of concrete, like we have seen in Metropolis. 

I’m actually happy with the amount of trees around the midway that the park has kept, and am really hoping they’re keeping it that way! 

Oh and when they revamp the bumper cars/ Sandblasters, I REALLY hope they keep this original troll exit sign!

Wrapping up this quick Six Flags Magic Mountain update with the brand new entrance sign, which looks minimalist and clean! <3  

Thank you for checking out this quick Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! We look forward to the new year, but before we get there, we’ll have one final article: The California Top 10. For now check out our newest HangTime Update, as well as our wonderful California’s Great America WinterFest report and Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas report!

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11 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – December 29th 2017”

  1. I wonder why the Crazanity construction is going so slow. I wonder if they are waiting for HIP to end, to speed up things…

    1. Yeah, we wonder the same thing. Especially since their chances to work on it while the park is closed have passed. Having said that, a Giant Discovery can be put up in a few days, much like Six Flags Discovery Kingdom did with their Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth, but I really hope that CraZanity is up soon so they can finalize the area for a Spring opening.

  2. Construction progress (or lack there of) is most likely tied to the Six Flags fiscal year which ends December 31st. They are probably waiting on additional budgets to open up to proceed. Great update as always and hopefully Neal notices the overflowing trash cans ;-).

  3. It’s funny you say you don’t like the concrete in metropolis. I was walking through it Thursday and it caught my attention for the first time. I thought it looked really good. If it was Cedar point that had done it, I would probably feel like you do, but since MM doesnt like to keep up on any kind of landscaping, it looked clean and open to me.

  4. If you think the trash is bad at MM you should visit Great Adventure in NJ at the end of the day. People are beyond disrespectful there!

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