Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update – Trip Report

It’s February, and that means cooler temperatures and some clouds in the sky! We flew in from Florida for another two glorious days at one of our favorite parks: Six Flags Magic Mountain! Let’s take a look at some of the work being done around the park and feature some new photography!

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We’ll start off with a close look at Tatsu‘s new paint job! Very similar to Nanchang Sunac Land’s Coaster Through the Clouds, the orange track and beefy green supports really pop and make a statement. We’re big fans of the new colors. About 80% of the ride has been repainted, some small spots here or there still need repainting, and the finale helix is still awaiting its new coat of paint as well! Take a look at the progress in the pictures below:

Viper is our favorite, of course, and so we hit the ride the most during this 2-day trip to the park. The ride’s yellow train is running phenomenally well and every time we’re back at Six Flags Magic Mountain we’re just happy that it’s still operating and well loved. Here’s to the next decade, Viper!

X2 was only operating on day one of our visit and with a long line we decided to hit it closer to park close. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, it ended up closing early so we didn’t get on this trip. Luckily we rode it a bunch of times in January! Have you ever wondered how X2 compares to the later incarnations of the coaster type (Eejanaika and Dinoconda)? Check out our article comparing the three, here!

We can’t go to Magic Mountain and not ride Riddler’s Revenge, another personal favorite of ours. The 1998 B&M Stand-Up coaster is occasionally closed because of Wonder Woman Flight of Courage construction, but opened on our 2nd day this visit. We got a few rides and enjoy how well it’s still running over two decades later. It’s also an absolute pleasure to photograph this massive looper.

If you’ve been keeping up with recent podcast episodes, social media posts and vlogs you’ll know we’re actually big fans of the park’s newest coaster: West Coast Racers. The ride has a fun layout, is lengthy and is well integrated with the surrounding themed area. Racing elements (that actually race) are always a highlight. Nice thing about the ride still being so new is the fact that they always run three trains and operations are actually quite good!

Full Throttle, the park’s original Premier Rides launch coaster, is also running well. We haven’t jumped on this ride in a minute but the line was short and we enjoyed our ride. Now nearly 9 years old, Full Throttle could use a lick of paint on some of the track where rust is showing, but it’s still amazing how clever the park was with adding this coaster through the hill-side. I am also surprised we haven’t seen a Premier Rides coaster since where the trains run on both the inside and outside of the vertical loop.

A great highlight for us this trip was finally getting on Superman Escape from Krypton FORWARDS! Our last 3 visits to the park the forward side was down, and on our first day this trip the coaster cycled but never opened. To our surprise while taking photos around Samurai Summit, they opened the queue and we were just excited to get on and didn’t realize we had the forwards train until we boarded. A fun surprise. It’s great to ride Superman forward, reliving the childhood experience in a way with the giant drop backwards. Riding it while launching forwards also helps with appreciating the ride’s top speed of 100 mph.

So we all know Scream! is not in most people’s top 5 at the park, but we have personally grown fond of it. We appreciate the fact that, like most B&M loopers, the coaster runs smoothly and almost never has a line. The coaster also photographs very well. We have found ourselves riding Scream! increasingly more and it’s simply a solid attraction. Exactly what the park needed shortly after maintenance fiascos X and Deja Vu. We have said it before and we’ll say it again: Scream! would be a much more popular coaster if it weren’t at the park with the best coaster lineup in the World.

Goliath is another coaster that has grown in our rankings. While it doesn’t have a great amount of airtime to offer, it does offer some insane positive G forces and a very smooth ride experience. We like the ride for what it is, a Hyper Coaster focused on something else than just airtime.

Twisted Colossus has kind of lost it’s touch now that racing seems to be an exclusive luxury reserved for peak season, maximum staffing, and quick park patrons. However, with West Coast Racers actually racing every dispatch, Twisted Colossus doesn’t have much of a need for that anymore. At least the coaster is still a great airtime machine with fun elements. Though, cherish the racing rides you’ve had or will have soon as they’re becoming rarer and rarer.

Ninja is another favorite of ours and was a walk-on both days during our trip. I still hope they some day turn the trains backwards (or at least some of the cars) alongside a relaunch of Samurai Summit!

Overall we had a phenomenal two days at the park. We focused on loading up on images to share across our social media platforms and creating video content. We still got plenty of rides in, of course! Below are some additional photos of the trip:

Thank you for checking out this new Six Flags Magic Mountain report! Don’t forget to read our new Wonder Woman construction update, here! Below, enjoy one of our new Six Flags Magic Mountain Vlogs:

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