Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage, Six Flags Magic Mountain – Construction Update

Things are starting to take shape over at the construction site for Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage at Six Flags Magic Mountain! Let’s take a closer look:

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The plaza in front of Riddler’s Revenge is quickly becoming a sea of red supports.

The entrance of DC Universe is boarded up with matching red panels and some surprisingly handsome Wonder Woman decals.

Rides on Riddler’s Revenge offer unique vantage points of the construction zone, and the ride’s exit allows guests to get up close to the action.

These views will change dramatically in the coming weeks, and before we know it we’ll have track pieces going into place!

That’s it for this update, but we look forward to bringing you more glimpses of Six Flags Magic Mountain’s 20th coaster in the near future! Check out our full day at the park in our new vlog:

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