Six Flags Fiesta Texas – Early Spring 2020 Trip Report

Alexander: Just a couple days before US amusement parks started announcing operational suspensions left and right, an idyllic day (at least, for a Six Flags park) was had by us at Fiesta Texas.

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Weather was beautiful, crowds were light, and almost everything was operating!

First order of business – a new credit for myself and Sean: Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster!

We’re pleased to report that the San Antonio installation of the RMC Raptor is a lot easier on the shoulders than its Santa Clara counterpart, thanks to some extra belt padding.

We’re also impressed with the ride’s 3-train continuous loading procedure. While filling the whole train is still challenging for guests and groupers, the throughput is definitely still stronger than that of comparable coasters.

The constant movement of trains on Wonder Woman is a sight to see – definitely a step in the direction of next-gen capacity efficiency.

Operationally, Six Flags Fiesta Texas remains one of the better parks in the chain. Only Wonder Woman, Superman Krypton Coaster, and Roadrunner Express ran multiple trains.

Bugs Bunny White Water Rapids is a real gem. This funky Hopkins Super Flume remains one of Fiesta Texas’ best rides.

Superman, meanwhile, is one that we’re polarized on. While we love the ride’s placement on the cliff and the creative terrain play that comes with it, I find that the ride is too sluggish compared to the other 2000-built Floorless Coasters, Medusa and Kraken.

New last year was the park’s Joker Giant Discovery, which nicely complements Superman Krypton Coaster.

This years new Fiesta Texas ride, DareDevil Dive, will breathe some new life into the park’s wild west area.

Though they aren’t too terribly far along in the project, this Zamperla Super Air Race will surely be well worth the wait! (The same can’t exactly be said for Iron Rattler,  whose short, vibrate-y performance awaited after an hour of queueing with one train).

Boomerang‘s one train operations, meanwhile, feel a bit more appropriate.

And just look at that fresh paint job! Even the tacky, Takis trainwraps cannot distract us from this new cool blue and burnt orange combo!

Goliath is also glistening in a refreshed coat. Now if only we could do something about that name…

Poltergeist may not have a fresh coat of track paint, but the ride’s great train looks amazing after a cosmetic refresh! 

Batman is still the best of  the US 4D Free Spins, though it’s not the unique experience it was when it debuted.

This area is also here.

But wait! Hold the sarcasm! Pirates of the Dark Sea was a huge surprise! Well done on all fronts with this one, Fiesta Texas! Way to do more with less while outclassing the Justice League dark rides!

Roadrunner Express remains our favorite coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. A late era Arrow and Alan Schilke’s solo design debut, Roadrunner gives us shades of the great Arrow Mine Trains before it, as well as a forecast for Arrow’s latest (and greatest) projects, Tennessee Tornado and X.

And so sets the sun on a great Six Flags day! Thanks for a great time, Fiesta Texas!

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