Disneyland Paris – Early Spring 2020 Trip Report

Alexander: Bonjour!

Two years after a fairly miserable day at Disneyland Paris resort in Spring ’18, we decided it was time to give the troubled French resort another shot – and boy are we glad we did! Our experience was a total 180º from our last visit!

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Our two day trip to Disneyland Paris turned into three days (we were able to come out a day early), so we decided to splurge on Annual Passes! The Disneyland Paris Flex Pass gets you into both parks all year for just a little bit more than a 3-day Parkhopper!

Our plan was to do some other stuff around Paris, but we enjoyed Disneyland Paris so much this trip that we open-closed the resort all 3 days! (Very culturally irresponsible, we know – The Eiffel Tower will just have to wait)

On the first day of our visit we bought “Ultimate FastPass,” which allowed us each one ride on the resort’s 9 FastPass rides (in addition to our standard included FastPass) for just 90 Euros apiece. The way we see it, $11/ride to ensure we got everything in (we were still weary of the resort’s operational shortcomings from last time), was well worth the price!

With lines for rides like Phantom Manor and Pirates of the Caribbean routinely reaching the 60min mark, we quickly found our Super Fast Pass to be an excellent value (especially since Phantom Manor‘s Fast Pass is only available via Ultimate Fast Pass).

We parkhopped quite a bit on our visit, but probably 80% of our time was still spent at Disneyland Park.

The Walt Disney Studios park is currently undergoing a major transformation – there isn’t much to ride in the park currently, but the future looks bright!

Weather conditions were about as sporadic as possible – heat, cold, thunder storms, and snow created some interesting conditions.

For example, this picture of its a small world was taken only a few minutes before…

…this picture of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

This was the trip we truly fell in love with Disneyland Paris. Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom Manor, Big Thunder Mountain, Tower of Terror, and more are all arguably the best installations of their respective attractions company wide.

Even easily-overlooked rides like Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril are not without their charms.

The little Intmain looper won’t win any awards any time soon, but a ride in the last row is always a good time (the same can’t be said for the front row).

For many, Big Thunder Mountain is still the crown jewel of Disneyland Paris. Its location on the island around Rivers of America certainly commands attention.

Between Big Thunder and Phantom Manor (which is in the best shape of its life following an extensive 2018 remodel), it’s safe to say that Paris has the strongest of Disney’s Western America-themed lands.

We’re also quite fond of the castle here, which is full of surprises.

Guests who pass through the castle gates can expect to discover secrets both above and below! 😉

It’s also rather charming at night.

Not as charming as Discoveryland, however, which remains our favorite environ at Disneyland Paris.

Though we didn’t ride on this visit, we’re happy to see Autopia still teeming with popularity. At this rate, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was the last Disney auto ride standing.

Bright and early on our 2nd day we rope-dropped Walt Disney Studios for Crush’s Coaster, which fetches notoriously long waits despite a perfectly respectable 950-1000 hourly capacity. The single rider line kept our wait under an hour.

With the smart, black Spirit Jerseys we acquired the day before, we decided to take advantage of some sunlight and take some glamour shots!

And there’s nowhere more glamorous at Disneyland Paris than the entrance to Disneyland Park, which passes directly beneath the Disneyland Hotel!

Dramatic architecture calls for a dramatic pose.

Walking into Disneyland Park here in Paris really is a sensational thing. The gardens and hotel feel like Disney’s very own little Versailles.

Let’s go in, shall we? I hear Hyperspace Mountain calling our names!

One more quick shot. The lighting is too good to ignore!

The Parisian architectural touches of Disneyland Paris’ Main Street USA give the area a more flamboyant feel than its US counterparts. 

Time to make the jump to Hyperspace!

At this point we can say without hesitation that Hyperspace Mountain is in our Top 3 Disney rides along with Shanghai’s Pirates and Tron.

While we look forward to seeing the Jules Verne storyline return at some point, we’re thrilled with how well Paris Space Mountain lent itself to a Hyperspace overlay.

With weather looking much lovlier than forecasted, we spent quite a bit of day 2 wandering around and enjoying the sun.

There is so much beauty at Disneyland Paris – Shanghai may still be our favorite Disney park overall, but Disneyland Paris is easily the most beautiful.

More and more details seem to appear out of nowhere, like this detailed mural outlining Discoveryland’s opening year attractions.

The hub was frequently buzzing with activity during the countless Frozen Celebration processionals, but occasionally it was calm enough to walk through.

And then there’s Adventureland, the unsung hero of Disneyland Paris.

Perhaps the best of the Adventurelands worldwide, Paris’ Adventureland hosts Middle Eastern, Indian, African, and European architecure harmoniously, without feeling cluttered or overwhelming.

One could spend hours in Adventure Isle alone – the park’s answer to Tom Sawyer’s Island.

The sheer number of walkways and activities in Adventureland’s Pirate-focused neighborhood are almost incomprehensible.

Luckily we finished our rope-bridge romp before nasty weather plagued the rest of the day (and the following moring).

Crush’s Coaster is so good that we decided to rope drop it on Day 3 as well – who would have thought that an altered Maurer production model could be elevated to a story-telling E-ticket attraction!

While abundant snowfall threatened our morning, almost everything had melted by the time we made it to the parks for the day.

Day 3 was all about Hyperspace Mountain and reriding favorites!

Weather was, again, sporadic. Crowds were lighter than the first two day, however, making rerides a breeze!

We had to take at least two rides on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – A New Dimension of Chills. With new show sequences that vary by elevator shaft, guests now have 3x the reasons to ride!

We also made time for Alice’s Curious Labrynth – a quintessential Disneyland Paris experience.

Views from The Queen of Hearts’ castle are always worth the visit!

Anyone else get Roller Coaster Tycoon vibes?

While finding a good meal seems to be one of Disneyland Paris’ shortcomings, we were pleasantly surprised by some of their offerings, like the Mexican food in Frontierland.

As dusk fell on our last day, we took time to soak it all in between rides on Hyperspace Mountain.

We couldn’t resist another run through Adventure Isle.

Nightfall in Fantasyland, before heading to Discoveryland for 3 final rides on Hyperspace.

And so ends a glorious 3 days at Disneyland Paris! And thanks to our Annual Passes, this probably won’t be our last visit of the year!

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