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Sean: In this installment of our journey to some of Europe’s unique theme parks, we visit another old home park of mine, one of which I spent quite a bit of my childhood at! Movie Park Germany! Another ex-Six Flags park that had a serious identity crisis for a bit, but is now doing much better! Let’s take a look!

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Upon arrival I couldn’t contain my excitement, I went to this park during its golden Warner Bros. Movie World years with rides like Cop Car Chase (Lethal Weapon) and Bermuda Triangle: Alien Encounter being brand new! The new age of Movie Park Germany is clean and features Star Trek: Operation Enterprise. Their new world-class coaster!

The park’s signature attraction towers over the park’s entrance plaza. Star Trek: Operation Enterprise opened in June of last year and is exactly what the park needed. A well-rounded unique coaster with a killer queue and pre-show. More on that in a bit!

Movie Park Germany is one of many “Studio”-themed parks that opened in the 90’s. That means that the whole park has a studio feel to it still, which can make it a bit sterile. Luckily the park has much improved over the years and their Main Street is as gorgeous as ever. 

Synticha joined us to Movie Park as well. Her and I used to visit the park together years ago, when Van Helsing’s Factory was our must-ride coaster. 

HERE IT IS! The movie theater/dark ride that was turned into a highly-themed indoor Gerstlauer Bobsled coaster with some crazy lateral Gs! It is still one of my all-time favorite indoor coasters. I can’t believe the detail and coaster they managed to put in a building this low.

But what we were most excited for was the park’s biggest coaster, located in Federation Plaza! This corner of the park looks very sharp. 

The real amazingness starts in the queue. Which starts off taking place at the headquarters of Federation Space.

The queue has a fantastic soundtrack along with great scenery, and plenty of scenery pieces for Star Trek nerds to geek out !

After getting “beamed up” into the Enterprise, you end up in the next pre-show, which is very detailed, a feast for the eyes and a real experience. The staff is amazing. 

The Borg Cube (as they call it) needs to be attacked from  the inside to save your fellow Starfleet comrades and return to the Enterprise safely. The mission is appropriately called “Operation Enterprise“.

After the amazing unique experience, we went to take a look at their merchandise,. They have a very nice collection of Star Trek merchandise along with ride specific merch!

My personal least favorite area of the park is their Santa Monica Pier. It’s a great little collection of family flat rides, but it’s where Cop Car Chase used to be, and I personally didn’t find this a worthy replacement. 

Having said that, the area is immensely popular and connects the park better than it used to connect, the lineup of rides is quite good too. 

Right behind Santa Monica Pier is the old Wild Wild West area, that features a Walking Dead attraction as well as the infamous wooden coaster from Hell, Europe’s Son of BeastBANDIT

Bandit is still quite popular, and for good reasons, the ride was miserable for as long as I remember, but it is actually running great right now. (Great for Bandit standards).

Now Georgia Cyclone has been canned, it was awesome riding the mirror clone, as you may be able to see the coaster has received some nice track work!

The trains are actually really long, and are 6-seaters, they are heavy Premier Rides trains, and that hasn’t helped it in the past, but the trains have wonderful capacity, tear up the coaster at a nice speed, and make a beautiful sound.

Overall we had a fun experience, Alex even went back for rerides!

Though the park is pretty much out of their identity crisis phase, the mashup of different themes so close to eachother still feels a bit disorganized.

But that also reflects how much the park has been investing to stay current, which is noticeable. Everything is clean and maintained. (Except for their SLC, MP Express, which we’re not even going to talk about…)

One of my old school favorites is High Fall, an Intamin tilting Roto-Drop tower. Unfortunately on our visit it did not tilt, I hope that is not permanent. 

Let’s talk a bit about the coaster part of Star Trek: Operation Enterprise, which we didn’t touch on much before. 

The ride is a full-circuit shuttle coaster, meaning that thanks to the use of a moving track, the coaster can use 2 trains while also using shuttle features. The coaster slides over to the track where it launches forward mildly into the top  hat, reverses and launches up the vertical spike (which rotates 180 degrees), and then launches forward at full speed over the top hat to finish its course.

The following element is a sort of reversed snake dive, where the train rushes into a half loop, followed by a complete additional roll/inversion that turns into a drop. Look at this twisted Mack track!

The ride flies through the Borg Cube, as described in the pre-show, which features several lights and sound effects and is then followed by 3 airtime hills. 

The last airtime hill is very intense and instantly throws you into a turn that leads into the final corkscrew!

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise features a very well balanced mix of airtime, hang time and lateral forces. Some moments you are thrown out of your seats, while the inversions offer very solid hang time. It is certainly a  very enjoyable coaster!

This coaster does a great job standing out and being unique in a market that has plenty of new shuttle and launch coasters. Definitely worth the price of admission alone!

Next up we rode Bermuda Triangle: Alien Encounter! Which is an old favorite of mine. The ride is quite long and features several drops and old effects and is very charming! The ride’s station now gives a nice view of Star Trek <3

And thus we appropriately posed to welcome Star Trek to this corner of the park. 😀

Another great thing about this park is the fact that they’ve really kept up their dedication to entertainment. There are meet ‘n greets everywhere and several shows!

Another thing that really helped this park recover from dropping the Warner Bros. license after Six Flags left, is Nickelodeon.

The introduction of Nick Land brought along several major new rides like Dora the Explorer River Adventure, a log flume to add to the park’s then existing 3 large water rides. (Ice Age closed recently).

There is a Backyardigans: Mission to Mars Vekoma Roller Skater which used to be engulfed in rock work as Road Runner Express back in the Warner days. 

The backside of the park is the forest, which currently has no operating rides. That is because the Ice Age boat ride closed last year and their large rapids ride, Mystery River, is getting rethemed and relaunched to become Excalibur, which opens this summer!

Nick Land features quite typical attractions that you can find at Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America too, but outdoor. It’s an impressively large area. 

Here’s the awesome entrance to Mystery River, which is currently under construction. 

The old Ice Age queue is now a picnic area, I hope they relaunch the boat ride some time!

There is a Spongebob Splash Battle, along with a junior inverted coaster that is Jimmy Neutron’s Atomic Flyer.

Here’s another look at the Dora River Adventure. Note the Mack Wild Mouse in the background, which opened as Tom & Jerry Mouse in the House and after 3 renames is now Spongebob Ghost Chasers!

New is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mini go karts for kids! Looks amazing!

We ended our day by admiring the park’s merchandise collection. Though European parks do lack a good collection of ride-specific merchandise, Movie Park Germany still has plenty to offer merchandise wise. Look at this mug collection!

And ride related tiny notebooks!

Let’s finish our day where we started it, at the entrance plaza.

Where we get to appreciate how nicely the park has been maintained lately. It has certainly seen way worse times. It is always amazing to see parks that lose a big license or get sold off do well for themselves afterwards.

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise is certainly a very welcomed new addition and makes me very excited for the future of the park.

I mean look at how beautiful this thing is!

And with that we end our report! We had a great time at Movie Park Germany. We’re excited to visit again soon! Everyone in the area, I would say pop in for Star Trek: Operation Enterprise and Van Helsing’s Factory, you can easily kill a day here, or otherwise it’s a great half-day park too if you prioritize.

Thank you for checking out our next installment in our efforts to explore the best parks around the world!

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  1. You don´t visit the amazing stunt show they have?
    I mean: Nothing in this park is as great as Star Trek, and it´s easy to have a great day in the park.

    But the Stuntshow is (with Star Trek, van Helsing and now maybe Excalibur) one of the great Highlights in the Park. It is maybe one of the best Themeparkshows in Europe.

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