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The shortest update of our Europe visit is Attractiepark Slagharen. We only spent an hour and a half at this little park (the rest of the day was spent at Movie Park Germany), but what a gem this place is!

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Crossing the bridge into Slagharen!

Slagharen feels like a tiny little Knott’s Berry Farm.

The theme here is “Western-American Style Theme Park”.

It’s also one of Sean and Synticha’s childhood parks.

The main mindway of Slagharen is a bustling boomtown.

Very Dutch thing: padlocks attached to a pedestrian bridge.

The signature ride at Slagharen is the new-for-2017 Gold Rush!

Gold Rush is a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster, which means it’s siblings with HangTime at Knott’s!

Interestingly, it’s the first of two next-gen, shuttle-launched, full-circuit loopers we’ll be riding today!

Surprisingly, both coasters were built the same year, in parks within the same region (2 hours apart), who are part of the same chain.

Though similar on paper, the execution of the Gerstlauer Gold Rush is different than that of the Mack Star Trek: Operation Enterprise. 

Goldrush uses one train and is a true full-circuit ride with no transfer track whatsoever. Star Trek‘s sliding transfer system will be focused on in detail in the next report.

Gold Rush is an excellent ride. Has great pacing, airtime, and hangtime.

Gold Rush replaced Slagharen’s only other adult coaster – a Schwarzkopf Looping Star called Thunder Loop.

Much of Slagharen feels vintage (but well-cared for), so it’s easy to imagine an old Schwarzkopf having been here. When it opened in 1979, Thunder Loop was the first looping coaster in Nederlands.

The Schwarzkopf coaster may be gone, but Slagharen still has some great Schwarzkopf rides, like this one-of-a-kind Apollo 14 swing ride.

Slagharen is also home to a great log flume.

You’ll notice another Schwarzkopf classic there in the background.

The park’s only other roller coaster is this Vekoma Rollerskater.

Mine Train definitely fits the mood here at Slagharen.

I see you, Enterprise!

We of course had to go for a ride on Apollo. This is a flat ride credit that every major Schwarzkopf fan dreams of!

This is probably the best photo I will ever take of 2 Schwarzkopf rides in action at once.

Seal of quality!

Slagharen is home to an unprecedented 3rd Schwarzkopf flat ride: a wild-west themed Polyp ride. This is the only park I can think of (other than California’s Great America) that currently features 3 Schwarzkopf flat rides (ironically neither feature a Schwarzkopf coaster now).

Such a cute little park! Great atmosphere, an amazing collection of flat rides, and good log flume, and a GREAT coaster!

Bye-bye Slagharen! Can’t wait to come back!

Join us next time as we continue the rest of our day just over the border at Movie Park Germany!

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  1. The ferris weel is an Schwarzkopf and the monorail is an Schwarzkopf
    Sky Tower Is an Schwarzkopf/ self construction its use old parts from a Schwarzkopf zepeling

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