New VR Experience, New Show and TWO New Themed Areas at Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain

sfmm_-_hip_highres-mediumSix Flags Magic Mountain just released their Holiday in the Park line-up of 2016, and the best Holiday-themed event in California is bound to be even more amazing than in years past. The park is adding a new high-energy indoor show, an interactive VR Experience on The New Revolution, and TWO new themed areas adding an incredible amount of extra lights and entertainment! Let’s take a look at what we can expect this year!

The Gleampunk District

New this year is the Gleampunk District, which will be the park’s largest Holiday in the Park themed area. The area will create a Steampunk Holiday atmosphere, one that promises to be unique and awesome.

Thousands of lights will illuminate the tree-lined streets and planters of the section of the park that houses Scream! and Twisted Colossus. Guests will be transformed into the 19th century with the sights and sounds of the industrial revolution. Unique acrobatic artistry with a holiday flair highlights the Kwerkmas show in Gearworks Theater, an exceptional live show featuring trapeze artists, gymnasts and aerial stunts the entire family will enjoy. The park brings back high quality projection mapping. as on the facade of Gearworks Theater, a fantastic journey takes you on a video adventure into the inner workings of the Steampunk Candy and Toy Factory. Entertaining guests on the midway throughout the area are the Streetpunk Holiday Players, and guests can take a photo in an iconic steampunk sleigh.

Santa’s Star Spangled Plaza

Another new themed area at the event this year is Santa’s Star Spangled Plaza, which is located in the new American themed corner of the front of the park, where The New Revolution (which will feature Santa’s Wild Sleigh Ride VR) is located! The new themed area will feature thousands of red, white and blue lights as well as 10-foot tall toy soldiers on stilts, and a beautifully lit Christmas tree. Santa’s wild sleigh along with other elements from the VR movie will be displayed throughout the area for fun photo reminders of your wild sleigh ride and virtual reality journey.swsr-vr-sfmmhip

One of the highlights of this year’s event is “Santa’s Wild Sleigh Ride,” a NEW innovative Virtual Reality (VR) experience created in partnership with Hallmark Channel, on The New Revolution. The traditional coaster experience transforms riders into a completely immersive virtual world. The realistic theme puts riders in the middle of the action similar to a video game experience as they ride on a sleigh with Santa and his reindeer to help battle a mischievous Elf trying to foil Santa’s mission to deliver toys on Christmas Eve. From the moment riders board and don Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus, they engage in interactive gaming throughout the entire ride by launching snowballs at flying targets. The whole experience will be a much-appreciated upgrade of the current VR Experience on the ride!

Amazing Returning Themed Areas and Attractions

Holiday Square – Six Flags Plaza area is transformed into festive colorful area with a kaleidoscope of breath-taking color, featuring hundreds of thousands of lights on trees and buildings throughout the area while snowflakes and carolers delight guests as they enter this magical scene. The center piece of the area is the gigantic Christmas tree of water in the Valencia Falls!20141125_194115-large

Snowy Nights – The never ending high-energy entertainment and modern theming around the Full Throttle Plaza returns with another year of Snowy Nights! This is the live holiday show, featuring contemporary music and themed dancers on the Full Throttle stage, accompanied by light effects, snow machines, and particularly stylish theming. dscn2246-large

Winter Wonderland -Crafts, spiced-up holiday treats, falling snow and larger-than-life toy soldiers as well as ice scluptures are the focal point in this icy area, beginning on the midway past the Viper exit and extending up through the Mining Town area of the park. The area is themed to a snow-filled hill with mainly bright white and blue lights to create a very icy feel. The area ends near Tatsu, where a classic Santa Claus village anchors this picturesque snow-capped setting.dscn2227-large

Rockin’ Universe – The infamous DC Universe is turned into one of the largest light shows on the West Coast as it becomes Rockin’ Universe. The area features three dancing light shows, each customized to contemporary holiday music, and thanks to the use of all the buildings, you’re always in the center of the amazing show! As one of the largest programmed light shows on the West coast, each five-minute display includes multiple lighting variations with tens of thousands of lights synchronized to holiday musical favorites.20141125_184106-large

Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain, ever since its launch in 2014, has instantly proven to be the best Holiday event in California. The park went full out, and combines an incredible amount of themes with insane amounts of lights and all that with a very modern approach. It’s the Holiday event of now, and of the future, and with the culinary options around the park, the two new themed areas, a new high-quality acrobatics show, and the new VR Experience on The New Revolution, Holiday in the Park 2016 is an event you simply can’t miss!

The event will run for 28 nights – beginning daily November 19 through 27, weekends only through December 11 and then daily December 17 through January 1, 2017, with the exception of Christmas Day. Holiday in the Park begins each evening at 5 p.m. with falling snow.

Thanks for checking out what Six Flags Magic Mountain will be offering this Holiday in the Park! Make sure to check out our Halloween Page as this is the last weekend for many of the Halloween/Haunt events around the state!

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