Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain 2015!

DSCN2250 (Large)One of California’s best theme-park holiday events will have to be Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Holiday in the Park. Officially debuting in 2014, just last year, this events offers a completely different experience than other events do. In addition to which, the event is very immersive. Let’s take a look at the 2015 edition of the event! 

Let’s take a quick look at the festive Main Gate Plaza before moving on to other sections of the event. Note that this is ‘Holiday Square’ for Holiday in the Park. The park decided to choose bright colors for the trees, to emphasize on the fact that Six Flags Magic Mountain focuses on more extreme and high energy entertainment. Which is really cool, because this way they create a very unique event that looks nothing like other traditional events. DSCN2261 (Large) The infamous water-tree from last year is back. Propelling water dozens of feet vertically up in the sky creating a tree-like water object. Mix in some technology and you’ve got yourself a spectacular water-tree-fountain. 🙂DSCN2262 (Large) All media that was at the preview had some delicious hot chocolate in the new 2015 Holiday in the Park mugs. In addition we got to try an arsenal of awesome Holiday in the Park foods! Make sure to get some specialty foods that are only available during the event!12311300_437360073116293_3158256139963340242_n

Let’s take a look at Winter Wonderland that has returned by popular demand. Not only does it look amazing by day, it looks even more fantastic at night. be aware, these pictures don’t do it justice. As soon as you approach Winter Wonderland, you’ll instantly be drawn into the amazing scenery. DSCN2221 (Large) DSCN2222 (Large) Besides the awesome lighting in the area that is literally everywhere you look, the area also has 3 ‘ice/snow sculptures’ that guests can take photos at.DSCN2223 (Large) The area has some new smaller props added this year. Making it even more immersive than last year. DSCN2225 (Large)  In Winter Wonderland, guests will find 8 different reindeer which are entirely made out branches, then were painted white, and covered in lights and fake snow.DSCN2227 (Large) Winter Wonderland stretches to Roaring Rapids with Santa’s Workshop and Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen (Katy’s Kettle). In this area guests can take pictures with Santa Claus, and there are several activities for families with Mrs. Claus.DSCN2229 (Large) DSCN2230 (Large) Here, of course, there’s a whole specialty food menu for Holiday in the Park with a Mac’N’Cheese Burger, Holiday Corn, Holiday in a Bun, and much more! 20151205_181842 (Large) Let’s move down to DC Universe, which is ‘Rockin’ Universe’ during Holiday in the Park! 20141125_182930-LargeEvery 15 minutes one of the three different 5-minute long lightshows will be displayed. Creating a totally immersive atmosphere in the entire area.  DSCN2241 (Large) DSCN2242 (Large) 20151205_190038 (Large) Another area at Holiday in the Park is Snowy Nights in the Full Throttle Plaza where the hit-show Full Throttle Nights is back with a Holiday version. 20151205_192244 (Large) There are some amazing props in the area that perfectly complement the theme of Full Throttle. In addition the jumbo-tron in the Full Throttle line will display special winter and holiday extreme-activities. DSCN2250 (Large) It wouldn’t be called ‘Snowy Nights’ if it weren’t snowing! DSCN2251 (Large) The Tinsel Toys and Tinsel Toy Dancers perform each night along side Ricky Rocks and DJ Nel. Creating a pretty high-thrill show. DSCN2252 (Large) NEW THIS YEAR is the image mapping/ video mapping on the Full Throttle Bar. The technology introduced by the park during this year’s Fright Fest is now used for Holiday in the Park. And the park pays some homage to the Mooseburger Lodge that used to be in the same building by using the Moose as one of the characters displayed on the video mapping!DSCN2245 (Large) 20151127_175744 (Large)Back to the Holiday Square section of the event! Holiday Square has snow machines, that will create a snowy wonder land 3 times an hour! DSCN2254 (Large) DSCN2259 (Large) This year the lighting of the water-tree and the Valencia Falls has been upgraded with many different patterns, use of lights from multiple angles and different color combinations. It looks very cool. DSCN2258 (Large) In the Holiday Square, next to the Cyber Cafe, guests can make their own S’mores over fire pits. It was actually very fun and one of the highlights of Holiday in the Park, it’s a simple idea but it works out wonderfully and not many other events offer such thing. Just standing around the fire roasting marshmallows and socializing was great fun!20151205_194624 (Large) We ended the night with a desert reception where the acapella group from Holiday in the Park performed for the small gathering. They’re wonderfully talented and sound absolutely amazing! Make sure to check out their performances near the entrance all night long! 20151205_195552 (Large)Thanks for checking out this look at this year’s Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain! I’d go as far and say it may just be the best Holiday event in the state! So make sure to check it out! You’ll have a wonderful time. Please note that the park is open from 10:30AM-8:00PM every day of Holiday in the Park. Holiday in the Park runs select nights through January 3rd!

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